MI State Legislators’ Vote Report, April 22


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How your Representatives and Senators in Lansing recently voted. Contact information is included at the end.

MichiganVotes Weekly Report: April 22, 2022

Senate Resolution 128: Assert Senate opposition to college COVID mandates Passed 22 to 15 in the Senate on April 20, 2022

To adopt a non-binding resolution asserting that the state Senate opposes "mandates related to COVID-19 at all public and private colleges and universities in Michigan," and send it to the Michigan Association of State Universities, the president of Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities, and the president of the Michigan Community College Association.

Yes: Theis (R)

No: Hertel (D)

Did not vote: Irwin (D)

Senate Bill 996: Ban nitrous oxide paraphernalia Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate on April 20, 2022

To add selling an object specifically designed for ingesting or inhaling nitrous oxide to a 1988 law that banned the sale of drug “paraphernalia,” subject to 90 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Yes: Theis (R), Hertel (D)

Did not vote: Irwin (D)

House Bill 4252: Increase certain state payments to railroad companies Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate on April 13, 2022

To increase the subsidies the state gives to railroad companies each year to maintain their active traffic control devices, circuitry, and appurtenances at rail grade crossings. Also, to increase the payments by 6.64% every other year going forward.

Yes: Hertel (D), Irwin (D), Theis (R)

House Bill 5765: Allow 'double dipping' for corrections pensioners Passed 101 to 3 in the House on April 12, 2022

To allow "retired" state prison employees to collect a pension while also getting paid to do corrections work. This authorization would expire two years after the bill becomes law.

Yes: Bollin (R), Brabec (D), Hope (D), Lasinski (D)

No: Rabhi (D)

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State Representatives

Donna Lasinski (D) District 52 (Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Scio, Manchester) 517 373 0828 donnalasinski@house.mi.gov

Yousef Rabhi (D) District 53 (Ann Arbor) 517 373 2577 yousefrabhi@house.mi.gov

Felicia Brabec (D) District 55 (Pittsfield, York, Barton Hills) 517 373 1792 FeliciaBrabec@house.mi.gov

Kara Hope (D) District 67 (Stockbridge) 517 373 0587 KaraHope@house.mi.gov

Ann Bollin (R) District 42 (Pinckney, Hamburg) 517 373 1784 AnnBollin@house.mi.gov

State Senators

Lana Theis (R) District 22 (Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Hamburg) 517 373 2420 SenLTheis@senate.michigan.gov

Jeff Irwin (D) District 18 (Ann Arbor, Saline, Pittsfield, York) 517 373 2406 senjirwin@senate.michigan.gov

Curtis Hertel Jr. (D) District 23 (Stockbridge) 517 373 1734 senchertel@senate.michigan.gov

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