Chelsea Doctor Named in Two Book Awards


Concussion Discussions: A Functional Approach to Recovery After Brain Injury (Faces of TBI, LLC, 2021) has received a Gold Medal in the non-fiction anthology category of the Midwest Book Awards, a long-running 12 state regional awards program first established in 1989.

Additionally, it has been selected as a finalist in the anthology category of the Book Excellence Awards, an international book awards competition with thousands of entries from around the world. This book was awarded for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal.

This anthology brings together 20 experts from around the country who share with you their advice and experience working with brain injury patients. As you explore the chapters, you'll read about the numerous ways brain injury survivors can THRIVE in their recovery, often after traditional medicine left them struggling for answers. Additionally, you'll learn about different symptoms associated with brain injury (headaches, dysautonomia, eye tracking, brain fog, dizziness, thyroid disorders, and more), as well as the importance of understanding your legal rights.

If you or your loved one has suffered a brain injury, this book offers you a wealth of information, but, more importantly, also offers you HOPE! Never lose hope -- no matter how many years since your injury occurred, or how many doctors have told you they can't do anything for you. There truly are providers and professionals who understand exactly what you're going through, and how to help you achieve the quality of life you've been seeking. Twenty of those caring professionals share their knowledge and experience in this book.

Dr Nathan Keiser’s chapter explores the intersection between concussion and problems in the autonomic nervous system. These types of injuries can cause problems with control of vital functions like the control of your heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, temperature regulation and energy production amongst many more. He shares the story of a young girl who was sidelined with disabling Dysautonomia preventing her from going to school, playing sports or even leaving the house, and the approach that helped her return to normal life.

Dr Nathan Keiser is a Chiropractic Neurologist practicing in Chelsea, MI

Images courtesy of Claire Keiser

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