The Pierce Rd Rezoning Poll - Clarifying Facts and Continuing to Gather Community Opinion

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Hi Neighbors,

I am happy to clarify the poll I’ve circulated and keep it open for all of us to vote. This is not my usual occupation. So, I apologize if anyone experienced technical problems. I will re-post the link below. If you haven’t had the chance to weigh in, feel free to do so now! I will present these results to the Board when the Pierce Rd rezoning proposal is discussed.

If it wasn’t clear in my first post, this poll is not something the Planning Commission or Board created. Although, it is an approach they may want to consider for the future. Surveying residents is an efficient, inexpensive, safe way of giving more of a voice to people in our community without requiring them to travel to public gatherings at the township hall where mask use is still being encouraged. Not everyone has the time or the physical ability to attend these sessions. The goal of the poll is to bring community opinion directly to our elected and appointed officials so they know how Sylvan Township voters feel before they make their decisions. 

As far as the poll questions being ‘biased’ or based on rumors or speculation, I freely admit that I am biased toward following the law and protecting the beauty of Sylvan Township. I also promise I am not biased toward more sewer and water hookups (which has been stated publicly by a Board member) on a road where they were never intended just to pay township expenses that were self-inflicted in years gone by. I rewrote these poll questions several times before posting them to make sure they were brief, informative, and fact-based. I felt this was necessary since many residents may be unfamiliar with the Pierce Rd situation. I’ve researched them carefully and stand behind their content 100%.

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