Response to a Recent Letter

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1.  The Pledge of Allegiance says “for liberty and justice for ALL”. That means even for the people you may not like (i.e., transgenders, gays, progressives, people who protest when someone is murdered by the police, etc.)
2.  If 200 people left Chelsea because the school was too open-minded then good-riddance.  Chelsea should strive to be inclusive and unbigoted and accepting of others. Don’t you think that is the kind thing to do?  A noble goal?
3.   I really, really would like to see a copy of this sexually graphic material we are giving to our kids.  I’ve heard so many people talking about it (e.g., Republicans in Florida) but I had no idea we were distributing sexually graphic material to our kids here in Chelsea. I can’t believe this is happening!   Please do tell the book title(s) so we can confirm for ourselves and contact the appropriate authorities!

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