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Chelsea: Council Mtg Synopsis 1-22-24

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States

Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of Regular Agenda

Public Comments (available in person and via Zoom) - none


  1. Washtenaw Area Value Express (WAVE Bus) Annual Report
  2. Main Street Park Alliance Update
  3. Appointments to Downtown Development Authority (Mayor Pacheco)
  4. Appointment to Human Rights Commission (Mayor Pacheco)
  5. Adoption of Resolution Establishing 2024 Poverty Exemption Guidelines (Director King)
  6. Adopt Resolution Approving Budget Amendments (Director King)
  7. Purchase of Safety Trench Box (Superintendent Davis)

Executive Director Marie Gress presented the 2023 Annual Report which included Door-to-Door rider data and 2024-2025 updates.

Joe Ziolkowski presented an update and status of the Main Street Park progress. He reported on the multiple focus groups and touch points with City Staff. He said the City Manager and staff have been excellent partners in this effort. Another public open house is planned for February 13th from 12-2 pm and 5-7 pm at the Chelsea Depot.

Public Hearing

Council Business

MOTION Merkel SECONDED Keaton to appoint Howard Merkel to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Board for a term ending December 31, 2025. All Ayes. Motion carried.

MOTION Ruddock SECONDED Iannelli to appoint Mary Keaton to the Human Rights Commission with a term ending February 1, 2027. 6 Ayes, 1 abstain (Keaton). Motion carried.

MOTION Keaton SECONDED Merkel to adopt Resolution #2024-2 Establishing 2024 Poverty Exemption Guidelines. Roll Call Vote. All Ayes. Motion carried.

MOTION Iannelli SECONDED Merkel to BE IT RESOLVEED that the City Council adopt the line-item budget amendments for the fiscal year 2023-2024 provided in the packet. Roll Call Vote. All Ayes. Motion carried.

MOTION Iannelli SECONDED Keaton to approve the quote from Allen Trench Safety Corporation for a total of $6,719.00. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Staff Reports

Council Reports


Approved: This is only a synopsis of the Regular City Council Meeting. The minutes in their entirety may be viewed at the Clerk’s Office at 305 S. Main Street, Chelsea, MI or online at

Respectfully submitted, Lyn Sebestyen

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