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Statement from the OWOF Board of Directors re DBEI in Chelsea Schools

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One World One Family would like to emphasize its support of the Chelsea School District’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion. In its own words, the CSD is committed to:

• serving all kids;

• providing tools to prepare our students to live in a diverse world;

• ensuring every student is treated equitably;

• making sure our schools are safe places where no one is bullied because of who they are;

• empowering all students to take action to make the world a better place;

• making sure all students see themselves and people like them reflected in what they learn at school;

• helping students learn about all kinds of people so that they can work and build connections with people from all over the world.

These goals are very much in keeping with the mission of One World One Family. These objectives are essential in the struggle to assure that everyone in our society is included and does not experience discrimination for who they are. This applies to people of color, neurodiverse learners, LGBTQ citizens, and other marginalized groups as well as those who feel excluded for religion or ideology. There is room at the table for all.

In the struggle against discrimination, distracting and often alarmist tactics are used to divert our attention from our important goals. However, in response, we need to model the Civil Rights leaders of the past, embracing civil discourse and using statements based on fact. We believe our teachers and school leadership have the ability and the desire to make decisions in the best interests of all our children and we should support them as they work through the current challenges. We believe that the creation of the DBEI Committee and the Chelsea Board of Education Statement on Equity were thoughtful actions that should be supported. The implementation of their work will benefit all students; no one will be short-changed to help another. We want to see each student have the opportunity to flourish and be who they are with confidence and support.


One World One Family Board of Directors

(Joanne Ladio, President)

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