Dexter City Council Virtual Meeting


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UPDATE: Video recordings of past Council meetings are now available on the City's website (in addition to the City's YouTube channel): https://www.dextermi.gov/government/cc.php. If there's a particular past discussion you're interested in watching, just let me know and I'll do my best to point you to the relevant excerpt.

As always, there are two opportunities for non-arranged public participation: one near the beginning of the meeting and one near the end of the meeting.

Near the beginning of the meeting, we will hear an update about the City’s investment strategy from Mike Kloack, Senior Public Funds Advisor at Meeder Investment Management.

Council will consider and discuss the following (with clarifying excerpts from the packet):

  • Request to Vacate a Public Street & Portion of a Public Alley submitted by Mike Penn of 3389 Broad St. (Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager)

City Council is scheduled to continue to consider a request, submitted by petitioner, Mike Penn, to vacate the remaining portion of Fourth Street (49.5 ft. wide), between Broad Street and the railroad ROW and to vacate a portion of the alley that runs between the two properties he owns, which are located at 3389 Broad (Lot 5) and Lot 1 (vacant) (see aerial photo below).

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  • Park Use Permit Request from the Dexter Chamber of Commerce for the Friday Summer Concert Series (Justin Breyer, Interim City Manager and City Clerk)
    • Quaila Pant and Chuck Colby with the Dexter Chamber of Commerce have submitted a Park Use Permit request to hold the Friday Summer Concert Series in Monument Park. The proposal indicates that the Summer Concert Series would take place every Friday from June 18th – August 13th and would feature bands playing in the Monument Park Gazebo.
    • During City Council’s April 12, 2021 meeting, Council discussed the item and ultimately postponed consideration until the April 26, 2021 meeting. During discussion of the item, City Council posited a number of questions about the event and the event’s Covid protocols. These questions were shared with the Chamber representatives, and in response, the Chamber submitted an updated permit application package, which is attached to this memo. Also attached is an e-mail from the Dexter Chamber President, Quaila Pant explaining the updated permit application and the Chamber’s thoughts behind the proposal and Covid protocols.
  • Arts, Culture, and Heritage Master Plan Update (Justin Breyer, Interim City Manager and City Clerk)
    • The Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee have spent the last several months reviewing the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Master Plan and working on updates to the document.
    • The most significant updates to the Plan are:
      • Addition of the “Framework for Collaboration” Section.
      • Addition of 2019 and 2020 Accomplishments.
      • A change in the categorization of ACH projects to “Ongoing,” “To Be Considered,” and
      • “Possible Ideas.” Those projects identified as “To Be Considered” are those projects that the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee have expressed a desire to explore more urgently than those categorized as “Possible Ideas.” However, projects in any category would still need to come before City Council for approval and/or funding.
  • 3515 Broad Street Potential Purchase (Due Diligence Updates) (Justin Breyer, Interim City Manager and City Clerk)
    • As City Council is aware, the City of Dexter entered into a purchase agreement to purchase property located at 3515 Broad Street for the location of City Offices. Per the purchase agreement and the bond issuance timeline, there are specific deadlines that the City must meet (a copy of the bond issuance timeline is attached to this memo). The most notable of these deadlines are:
      • End of 120 day due diligence period on June 24th
      • City Council adoption of the Bond Authorizing Resolution during the May 24, 2021 meeting
    • In order to meet these deadlines, there are a number of activities that are occurring parallel to one another. In order to keep City Council updated on these activities, I anticipate that there will be 3515 Broad Street discussion items on each of the agendas through at least May 24, 2021.
  • Entering Into Closed Session (Justin Breyer, Interim City Manager and City Clerk)
    • A Closed Session opportunity is provided for City Council to meet with City Attorney Scott Munzel regarding the Chelsea Wellness Foundation and Power Wellness litigation.

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