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Dexter City Council Meeting on Monday, September 27, 2021 @ 7p (in person at 3515 Broad Street; virtual via Zoom, see details below).

As always, there are two opportunities for non-arranged public participation: one near the beginning of the meeting and one near the end of the meeting. See the agenda for details.

Council will discuss and/or consider (i.e., take action on) the following (with clarifying excerpts from the packet):

  • Setting a Public Hearing for Conflict of Interest Ordinance (Justin Breyer, City Manager/City Clerk)
    • City Council is asked to consider setting a public hearing for the Ethics Ordinance for Monday, October 25, 2021.
    • The changes to the draft ordinance included in the attached redline version include, but are not limited to the following: (1) Expansion of the ordinance title to encapsulate ethics and conflicts of interest, (2) Identifying Conflicts of Interest in the definitions section, (3) Removal of references to former employees and contractors, (4) Removal of the Board of Ethics, (5) Removal of the whistle blower section, (6) Reduction on the submission of required conflict of interest disclosure statements.

  • Care-to-Cure Preliminary and Final Site Plan (Mike Auerbach, Assistant Planner)
    • Supporting documentation available here: https://www.dextermi.gov/City_Council/2021/Packets/2021-09-27-Care2Cure.Combined.pdf.
    • Council is scheduled to consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve a combined preliminary and final site plan, AP.2020.21-19 CSPR Care2Cure 7390 Dexter-Ann Arbor Road.
    • The applicants, Anuradha Management LLC, represented by A.R. Brouwer, are proposing a 5,769 square foot two-tenant office building at 7390 Dexter-Ann Arbor Road. One tenant space will be occupied by Care2Cure Physical Therapy, and the applicants anticipate that the second space will be occupied by a similar medical office tenant. The subject site is located in the PB, Professional Business Zoning District and the ARC, Dexter-Ann Arbor Road Corridor Overlay District.

  • Penn Alley Vacation (Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager)
    • Attached for City Council’s consideration is a Resolution for Vacation of the westerly half of the Fourth Street public right-of-way and the public alley, located between Lots 1 and 5, in Block 2 of the Original Plat of the Village of Dexter. The petitioner, Mike Penn, submitted a request (attached) to vacate the following:
      • 1. The westerly portion of Fourth Street (49.5 ft. wide), north of Broad Street and which abuts two properties he owns, which are located at 3389 Broad (Lot 5) and vacant tax parcel 08- 03-31-476-001 (Lot 1); and
      • 2. The public alley, located between two.
      • Image removed.

  • Request from the Dexter Senior Center for Funding in an Amount not to Exceed $16,500 Relating to Rendering Services to City of Dexter Seniors (Justin Breyer, City Manager/City Clerk)
    • It is City staff’s understanding that a significant portion of the Dexter Senior Center’s revenue has traditionally come through contributions from the area’s municipalities. Until March 2020, the City of Dexter provided its contribution to the Senior Center in the form of rent for the use of the Center’s meeting space for City boards and committees. The City would contribute between $8,000 - $10,000 each year through this arrangement. With the City no longer utilizing the Dexter Senior Center for meeting space, that arrangement is no longer an option.
    • During the spring 2021 budget discussions, Jim Carson, the Dexter Senior Center President, requested that the City budget $16,560 in FY 2021-2022 as a contribution. At the time, City Council was receptive to this request, and the $16,560 was included in the City’s General Fund Budget.
    • Per MCL 400.571 – 400.577, it is a lawful expenditure for the City to provide services to persons 60 years or older or to appropriate money to a private organization servicing seniors as long as the arrangement is specified in an agreement. The Dexter Senior Center has provided the attached document to serve as the agreement for the current fiscal year.

  • 150 Jeffords Accessible Parking Spaces (Justin Breyer, City Manager/City Clerk)
    • At its August meeting, the DDA considered a resident request for the placement of at least one barrier free parking space in front of the entrance to the 150 Jeffords building. Following a thorough review of the information presented, and discussion, the DDA voted unanimously to recommend that City Council use the City’s Voluntary Parking Fund to pay for flared ramp barrier free parking in front of the entrance to the 150 Jeffords building, based on the OHM estimate of $8,200.00.

  • Setting a Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a New Adopting Ordinance for the General Code of Ordinances (Justin Breyer, City Manager/City Clerk)
    • Per Charter, once every three years the City shall provide for a general (re)codification of the City’s General Code of Ordinances. City Council last performed a re-codification in September 2017. As a part of the re-codification process, the City made updates to ordinance language to accompany the transition from a village to a city. There are no significant changes proposed to the General Code of Ordinances as part of this re-codification.
    • To have the re-codification take effect, City Council must approve a new Adopting Ordinance. In turn, adoption of this ordinance requires setting a public hearing. A copy of the draft Ordinance is attached to this memo.

  • Winter 2021-22 Social District/Outdoor Seating/Events (Michelle Aniol, Community Development Manager)
    • Continuation of the Social District operation has been an option Council has held in reserve, to be initiated on an as needed basis. With the use of on-street public parking spaces for outdoor service operations expiring on November 30th, the time has come to consider whether 1) the district will be open this winter and 2) it will be expanded to include The Fillmore. A revised Social District and Commons Area Map accompanies this memorandum.
    • Image removed.
    • Image removed.

  • City Council Rules (Justin Breyer, City Manager/City Clerk)
    • (my words) Council will continue to discuss its rules, including how to fill Council vacancies (currently Rule 17).

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Dial In 877 853 5247 OR 888 788 0099 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 995 4247 3361#

Meeting Agenda: https://www.dextermi.gov/City_Council/2021/Agendas/2021-09-27-CC-A.pdf

Meeting Packet: https://www.dextermi.gov/City_Council/2021/Packets/2021-09-27-CC-P.pdf

Video recordings of past Council meetings are now available on the City's website (in addition to the City's YouTube channel): https://www.dextermi.gov/government/cc.php. If there's a particular past discussion you're interested in watching, just let me know and I'll do my best to point you to the relevant excerpt.

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