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…and thanks for your interest in the City of Dexter and its City Council. Since my election to office in November 2020, I have distributed annotated meeting agendas (see below) prior to each Council meeting. These newsletters are my personal effort to make it as quick and easy as possible for interested parties to know what Council will be discussing and considering at each meeting. For the most part, descriptions of agenda items come straight from the meeting packet. Following each meeting (and when video links are available), I share links to the video recordings of the discussion of each agenda item. Past meeting agendas, packets, minutes, and video links (when available) can be found here: https://dextermi.gov/government/cc.php.

Hearing from residents is one of my favorite parts of being on Council! If you have questions, comments, or concerns about upcoming Council business or any other Council or City topic, please feel free to email me at my official City email: jgriffin@dextermi.gov. If you would rather share your thoughts anonymously, please respond here: https://polco.us/n/res/vote/councilwoman-jamie-griffin/i-value-your-input.



Dexter City Council Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2022 @ 7 p.m.

3515 Broad Street, Dexter, MI 48130 and via Zoom

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Dial In 877 853 5247 OR 888 788 0099 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 886 6221 9627#

Meeting Agenda: https://files.dextermi.gov/City_Council/2022/Agendas/2022-04-11-CC-A.pdf

Meeting Packet: https://files.dextermi.gov/City_Council/2022/Packets/2022-04-11-CC-P.pdf

As always, there are two opportunities for non-arranged public participation: one near the beginning of the meeting and one near the end of the meeting. See the agenda for details.

During pre-arranged participation, Council will hear from Lieutenant Alan Hunt from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the provision of police services in the City (for which the City contracts with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office), please feel free to share those thoughts however you feel most comfortable.

Council will review (1) minutes of its most recent meeting and work sessions and (2) the upcoming meeting list. We will also hear various updates from staff, including the City Manager and the Mayor (note that corresponding written reports are included in the meeting packet).

  • From Mayor Keough’s report: April 6, 2022 – Meeting with Property Owners of former Sloan Kingsley property on Baker Road – The property on Baker Road is now under the ownership of a group called Baker Road Land Holdings, LLC. Their project manager is David Lutton. Their land planner/engineering project manager is Tom Covert (Dexter Resident). Mr. Lutton explained that they had a previous conversation with Scio Township’s Supervisor (Will Hathaway), and that they are now approaching the City to see if the City is interested in exploring a possible 425 Agreement with Scio Township for development of the property. I will provide more details of the conversation at our next meeting.

Following the presentation and any discussion of these reports, Council will consider the following items as part of the Consent Agenda. Unless Council votes to do otherwise, these items are voted on as a single bundle without Council discussion.

  • Bills & Payroll in the amount of: $525,043.47
  • Recommendation from Art Selection Committee – Temporary Sculpture Display
    • Approve the installation of the following sculptures for the 2022 Dexter Art Gardens temporary sculpture display:
      • Mill Creek Circular Seating – Icosahedron by Kirk Seese
      • Clock Tower Plaza – Oak Leaves by Brian Ferriby
      • LaFontaine – Sunrise/Sunset by Matt Duffy
      • Dexter District Library – Curves by Ray Katz
    • In the event that any of these sculptures should not be available for installation, the Committee recommends the following sculptures as back-ups:
      • Mill Creek Circular Seating – Magnify by Kirk Seese
      • Clock Tower Plaza/LaFontaine – Low-Poly Open Heart by Matt Duffy
      • Dexter District Library – Weathered by Helen Hierta
      • *End Game by David Petrakovitz as a second back-up for LaFontaine
  • Arbor Day Proclamation
    • Excerpt: Now, therefore, the City of Dexter Council, in conjunction with the State of Michigan, does hereby proclaim the last Friday in April (April 29, 2022) as Arbor Day in the City of Dexter, and urge all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands, and
    • Further, we urge all citizens to plant trees to gladden the heart and promote the well-being of this and future generations. To support those efforts, the city will distribute free seedlings on Friday, April 29, 2022.
  • Award of Emergency Sewer Lead Replacement Work at 8140 Main St. for an Amount not to Exceed $24,200
    • Following a sanitary sewer back-up at 8140 Main St., staff performed a video inspection of the sanitary sewer lead. During that video inspection, it was determined that there is a significant portion of the line that is on the verge of collapse.
  • Publication of Notice of Delinquent Utility Bills
    • The City Charter requires that staff provide Council a report of any delinquent utility bills that will be placed on the 2022 tax roll if not paid by April 30, 2022. The Charter language states that the charges must have been outstanding for six months as of March 31st, which means that the bill must have been outstanding since September 30, 2021. The Charter also requires that Council direct an ad to be published stating that unpaid charges will be placed on the tax roll.

Council will discuss or consider (i.e., take action on) the following new business:

  • Modification of Traffic Signal Timings at the intersection of Dexter- Ann Arbor Rd. and Dan Hoey; and the intersection of Main St. and Baker Rd.
    • The following were findings and recommendations from the OHM report:
      • 1) Main St. and Baker Rd. - The addition of a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) would overall degrade vehicular operations and would marginally increase pedestrian safety. OHM did note however that the only periods where traffic is over capacity with the LPI was in peak AM and peak PM periods. For the rest of the day, the LPI would have minimal traffic impact. OHM has indicated that the LPI could be push-button activated when a pedestrian hits one of the crosswalk buttons.
        • Per Steve Dearing, OHM's Senior Technical Leader – Traffic, "Personally, I don’t think adding LPI’s to these signals make much sense, as the pedestrian usage is rather low and it will have a measurable effect on increasing vehicle delay, but that is the City’s call.”
      • 2) Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd. and Dan Hoey - OHM recommended that the pedestrian clearance timing for Dexter Ann Arbor Road approaches to be adjusted to provide a WALK interval of 10 seconds and a FDW interval of 21 seconds per MDOT’s Signal Timing Spreadsheet.

**If you would like to receive my personal meeting reminders via email, please visit https://www.griffinfordexter.com/ and scroll to the bottom to enter your email address where directed. 

3515 Broad Street
Dexter, MI 48130
United States

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