Scio Township will be getting some help from the state budget


Scio Township is again getting some help through the efforts of State Rep. Donna Lasinski.

It was announced at the July 26 Scio Township Board meeting, two local projects are getting a boost from state funding.

Lasinski, D-Scio Township, sent a letter to the township supervisor about the development.

The letter dated July 19, said, “I am happy to provide an update on the funding Scio Township received in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget for the Zeeb Road Pathway Phase V and the Park Road projects. We were able to secure $1,700,000 in total for Scio Township, specifically $900,000 for phase V of the Zeeb Rd Pathway Project and $800,000 for the Park Road Project. The budget will be signed into law by Governor Whitmer this Wednesday, July 20th.”

The Sun Times News (STN) reached out to Scio supervisor Will Hathaway about the news.

STN asked him what is the state funding for infrastructure projects all about?

Hathaway answered, “During the state budget process, Leader Lasinski has reached out to Scio Township and asked for infrastructure projects for which she might seek state funding. In 2021 the Township worked with Leader Lasinski and succeeded in obtaining a total of $1.5 million in funding for Phase 4 of the Zeeb Road Pathway and pedestrian safety improvements to the Zeeb Road I-94 overpass. This year we put together proposals for four different infrastructure projects and reviewed them with Leader Lasinski and her staff. Leader Lasinski was able to get a total of $1.7 million for two projects: Zeeb Road Pathway Phase 5 and improvements to the section of Park Road immediately west of Zeeb Road.”

Hathaway added, “As Leader Lasinski explained in her presentation at the July 26 Board meeting, these projects were good candidates for state funding in part because the Township was gathering funding from other sources, including its own millage funds, and needed state money to close the funding gap”

So the next question was will these projects be happening soon?

Hathaway said construction on Phase 5 of the Zeeb Pathway is more complex because it involves a pedestrian bridge to cross the Huron River and a crossing of the railroad.

“This will take more engineering and require multiple permits,” Hathaway explained. “Given all of the preparatory work and the grant applications, construction probably won't occur until 2024.”

However, he said the Park Road improvements could occur as early as the 2023 construction season. These are related to construction that will occur as part of the Trailwoods development. Hathaway said the Trailwoods developer is responsible for paving the portions of Staebler and Park Roads that abut that subdivision.

“Trailwoods will also construct paved pedestrian pathways that will connect Park Road to Jackson Road,” according to Hathaway. “If done in conjunction with the Trailwoods construction, then the Township's project will avoid an unpaved gap between Zeeb Road and the intersection of Park Road and Cedar Ridge Drive.”

In her letter, Lasinski said, “I am looking forward to the implementation of these projects that will finish connecting the Zeeb Road Pathway and improve road conditions while simultaneously connecting residents from various neighborhoods along Park Rd. between Cedar Ridge and Zeeb Road.”

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