Of the millage proposal, Dexter Community Schools say "the voters spoke"


This letter was sent out by the leadership in Dexter Community Schools:

August 4, 2022

Dear DCS Families and Staff,

Dexter Community Schools was asked by our community to help find a solution for stable funding for Dexter seniors, create an indoor community center, and expand opportunities for community members. As a K-12 school district, the recreation millage was our only avenue to support the seniors and the community, at large. We asked the community and the community spoke on Tuesday. The Multigenerational Activity Millage was not approved by DCS voters on August 2, 2022.

DCS will not be revisiting and proposing another recreation millage. Unfortunately, this was the only avenue for DCS to help support stable funding for the Dexter Senior Center. Hopefully, another municipality or community group finds another way to help support stable funding for senior citizens in Dexter.

As a community school district, Dexter Community Schools cares about our seniors and will continue to work with the Senior Center to help them find solutions for stable funding but DCS is not authorized to fund a senior center through our current budget and cannot legally ask our community for a senior only millage. Our only option to support stable funding for the Dexter Senior Center was as part of a recreation millage that supported all ages of community members. We asked. The voters spoke.

Thank you for your continued support of Dexter Community Schools and our students. We look forward to the start of the 2022-2023 school year on September 6th.

Take care, Go Dreads and Beat Chelsea!


Mara Greatorex, Board President

Christopher Timmis, Superintendent

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