Dexter football welcomes the Taylor brothers to the gridiron


The Taylor brothers, photographed last year by Lisa Ruff

A love for football runs in the Taylor family.

New to the community, all four Taylor brothers are playing football this fall for Dexter and they couldn’t be more excited about the days and games ahead.

"I love the energy and excitement that football brings,” said Reeves Taylor, a senior, who is in his third year of varsity football, his first at Dexter. “I love how everyone works together to achieve one goal."

Reeves is the starting quarterback on the varsity team. One of his teammates is his brother, Davis, who is a junior playing starting linebacker. He’s in his second year on varsity, also his first for Dexter.

photo by Kristy Taylor

The younger brothers are seventh-grader Pearson Taylor, who is also the starting quarterback on his middle school team and sixth-grader Brock Taylor, who is a starting running back.

The four of them have a unique bond, not only as brothers, but also on the football field.

When asked what he likes about playing with his brother, Davis said, "You always know you'll have someone that's got your back no matter what."

"It is fun to always talk about it with them and also practice with them," Pearson said of this bond, which older brother Reeves agreed with.

"I like playing with my brother because we get to talk about football and the team all the time," Reeves said.

Brock summed up his love for this bond and playing football with his brothers this way.

“Winning,” he said.

The Taylors came to Dexter from the west side of the state, from Holland. They came to Dexter because of their father’s job. Their cousin Xavier Cook, who is a junior, also plays on the football team.

An interesting side note, while in Holland, the Taylors lived in the same house that NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins grew up in. Reeves has been able to throw with Cousins several times in the past.

It’s always tough to move to a new home and school, especially when you are in high school, but the Taylors say the transition has been made easier by a welcoming community with the Dexter boys and coaches giving them a great welcome.

The Taylor family said they “are very grateful for this community.”

Of Dexter football, Reeves said, "I really love our football team, and the coaches. Everyone gets along super well, and everyone encourages and pushes each other to be the best people and player they can be."

Davis agreed and said of the team, "I love it. It's a competitive culture that promotes winning - which is nice."

That’s a theme with the Taylors.

Team is important.

"It's a great team that is filled with a lot of good guys," Pearson said of the Dexter seventh-graders while Brock, who is always to the point, says, "The team is good."

At the core of this is their love for the game.

"I love the energy and excitement that football brings,” Reeves said. “I love how everyone works together to achieve one goal."

"I love competing, hitting and just about everything about being on that field on Friday nights," said Davis.

"I love the physicality, and being with da boys," Pearson said.

And for Brock, he put it simply, "I like hitting."

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