Dexter's Mill Creek Middle School is in good hands


Ken Koenig, Principal of Mill Creek Middle School. photo by Lonnie Huhman

Principal Ken Koenig is aiming to keep Mill Creek Middle School on the path it’s historically been on.

It’s now a few weeks into the new school year, and The Sun Times News (STN) wanted to connect with Koenig to see how things are going in his new role. He took over the leadership role at Mill Creek after former principal Jami Bronson retired in January. Koenig was previously the assistant principal at Dexter High School.

STN asked Koenig, what can students and their parents expect for this new school year.

“I want parents and students to experience as close to a normal school year as possible,” he said. “The pandemic has caused us to change some of the ways we historically have come to know as normal, but I think, as an organization, we held on to some things and we also adopted some new ways of doing some other things.”

In talking about his goals for the year, Koenig said it starts with what has always made Mill Creek such a great school.

“Mill Creek has always been viewed as a leader in middle school education not only statewide, but nationally also,” he said. “I would like to continue to push and develop that expectation for the benefit of our students, staff and community.”

Another goal, he said is helping students connect.

"It has become very apparent that there is a tremendous need for young people to connect with others in our modern day world of social media, mobile phones, video games, etc. This needs to be done in a face to face fashion, as it is a skill that will be needed in the everyday world,” he said. “So I hope to give students as many opportunities to have experiences where they have to have conversations, in person, with others. Not only their peers, but also with adults.”

And finally, he said, “A goal I always have is to grow as many leaders as possible. I want our students and staff members to be the one that others look to when leadership is needed.”

Koenig is excited for the months ahead and is looking forward to being there for students, staff and parents.

“I am truly loving my new role as Principal of Mill Creek,” he said. “The students, staff, and parents are quite amazing and to have the opportunity to work with these groups of people on a daily basis, I consider myself very fortunate.”

In thinking about the school district, STN asked him if there is anything in particular he wants the community to know.

“We are very fortunate as a community to have the resources that we do,” he said. “Please realize that there are people in our community that do not. They do not make themselves standout, but everyday they are here, with different struggles and stressors. Our job, as a community, is to do all we can to help the people around us. That is how we all get better.”

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