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Entrance to A Curated Home, LLC. Photo courtesy of Trish Cooper.

By Michelle Colby, STN Reporter

Dexter has a new gem in town. Upon entering, your frontal cortex will go into an exciting overdrive with all of the possible ways that you can personalize your living and work spaces.

A Curated Home, LLC is located at 8007 Main Street in Dexter. You can find this hidden gem at the back of the Dexter Commerce Building, adjacent to Body Wisdom. There is a raspberry colored bench placed outside the door.

There are many unique options for stencils. “The stencils are thick. They are made for makers, so they are not the flimsy stuff that you normally find,” explains Trish Cooper, “All DIY items here are from female-owned businesses and vendors.”

Where ever you look, within A Curated Home, you will see something that has been painted. Inlayed floral designs, rustic looking pieces made with milk paint, transfers, molds, and etc.  This is a store that you should consider walking in to, for many items are not on the website.

So many options! I love the colors in this photo! Photo courtesy of Trish Cooper.

Cooper has a DIY learning table in the store, where she places various items for customers to explore. “It’s just fun. I always wanted to be an art teacher, but that was not in my cards 20 years ago,” shares Cooper, “But now, I have this business. I like the idea of giving 5-10 people the same materials and the same things to work with, and they will all come up with something different, something unique, something personal to them.”

Do you have old furniture that is still solid, but may be outdated or just not your style anymore? Go to A Curated Home, LLC for inspiration. You can change the color and the appearance. Make yourself happy. Cooper remarks, “Make yourself a Curated Home! That is how I came up with the name. This place is going to be curated over time, because we are just starting out. You are not going to walk into those doors, 5 years down the road, and see the same place.”

Trish Cooper, owner of A Curated Home, LLC. Photo courtesy of Trish Cooper.

Cooper also hosts classes. Who wants to have fun? Check her website and Facebook for classes. You can also find videos on how to use various items.

As for myself, I am going to have a girls’ night in, at home, with wine, and have a craft night with DIY items from the store. I nabbed an antique cone-shaped pestle, to use with my chinois, and a large muddler tool. I also bought Sweet Pickins Hemp Oil to coat my wooden goods with, to bring them back to life and luster. Cooper buys items from antique stores and garage sales that add interesting flair to the creative-minded.

You can get inspiration from all aspects of life: vacations, weddings, events, holidays, childhood memories, and etc. If you want to allow your frontal cortex to feel out the wildness and freedom of creativity, go to A Curated Home, LLC. You may find your own inspiration, or get ideas from customers, or the business curator herself.

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Phone: (734) 679-3226


Store Hours: Thursdays-Saturdays from 11am-6pm

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