Dexter Renews Its Contract with WCSO


The City of Dexter has renewed its contract with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office for police service. The current contract was set to expire at the end of December.

Dexter’s police service costs for the next four years are:

  • 2023: $596,648 ($170,471 x 3.5 PSU) 3% increase
  • 2024: $620,515 ($177,290 x 3.5 PSU) 4% increase
  • 2025: $646,887 ($184,825 x 3.5 PSU) 4.25% increase
  • 2026: $674,380 ($192,680 x 3.5 PSU) 4.25% increase

The above costs are after grants from the countywide public safety and mental health millage.

Cost is calculated using a Police Service Unit (PSU) system adopted by WCSO. One PSU is the approximate cost associated with providing one deputy. Dexter currently contracts for 3.5 PSUs. The half PSU serves as School Liaison Officer.

All municipalities the WCSO serves are charged the same rate. In his letter to jurisdictions, Sheriff Clayton emphasized the impact of the public safety millage on public safety.

“Additionally, in 2018 the voters of Washtenaw County approved the Public Safety and Mental Health millage, a significant portion of which is used to cover the difference between the cost of delivering police services to our contracting jurisdictions and the agreed-upon contract price for those services. To demonstrate the investment of millage funding in support of the PSU architecture, starting January 1, 2023, the contract for Police Services will be invoiced at the full cost for each police services unit, including the portion previously subsidized by the Public Safety and Mental Health Millage.”

Below is the total cost for police services with the millage grant amount subtracted to calculate Dexter’s subsidized cost for 3.5 PSU annually:

  • 2023: $728,770 - $132,122 = $596,648
  • 2024: $768,845 - $148.330 = $620,515
  • 2025: $810,922 - $164,035 = $646,887
  • 2026: $855,103 - $180,723 = $674,380

More information can be found in the Nov. 28, 2022, Dexter City Council meeting packet, beginning on page 219.

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