Scio Township forms a new Parks, Preserves and Pathways committee


Scio Township has formed a new committee with the charge to help create and maintain the township's network of public, natural open spaces and pathways.

At the Dec. 13 meeting, the Scio Township Board approved a few decisions in order to create the Parks, Preserves and Pathways Committee.

One decision saw them approve a consolidation of the Parks Advisory Board (PAB) and the Transportation Alternatives Planning (TAP) committees, to form a new Parks, Preserves and Pathways (PPP) Committee as well as making some edits to the millage policy. The edits included inserting the responsibilities of the PPP and taking out some of the wording associated with the other committees.

The Sun Times News followed up with township supervisor Will Hathaway to ask about the new committee.

Hathaway said “The Parks, Preserves, & Pathways Committee was formed and the initial six committee members were appointed. There are still three committee slots open to Scio residents who have an interest in helping to create and maintain the Township's network of public, natural open spaces and "linear parks" (pathways).”

The purpose of the PPP is “to advise and assist the Scio Township Director of the Parks, Preserves, and Pathways Department (Director of PPP) and the Board of Trustees (BOT) in matters related to the implementation of the Scio Township Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan (PROS Plan). The PPP Committee will also advise and assist the Director of PPP and BOT on use of Parks & Pathway Millage, Tree Fund, and any other funds relevant to the accomplishment of its mission. Its responsibilities may include research, recommendations, and education related to the specific charge stated herein, and to assist the Township Board with implementation of projects in the PROS Plan. PPP will coordinate with the planning commission on recommendations to the BOT that include PUD engagement. The PPP Committee is not an independent entity and shall operate only within the parameters of the charge. Neither the PPP Committee acting as a whole, nor any of its individual members shall have the power or authority to bind or otherwise obligate the Township in any manner whatsoever.”

Hathaway said there is an online application form on the Scio Township website where residents can indicate their interest in serving on a Scio board or committee. They currently have vacancies on the PPP.

“The Township relies on the volunteers who serve on these advisory boards,” Hathaway said. “We are always looking for good people who want to participate.”

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