DDC's Production of Disney's: Descendants Fun for the Whole Family


If you are a fan of dancing, singing, and a great set, then Dexter Drama Club's production of Disney's Descendants is for you. 

The DDC struck gold with this weekend's performances that people of all ages will enjoy.

Fans of the Disney's original Descendants movie will not be disappointed as the Dexter Drama Club's version follows the original story line with just a couple of minor tweaks from the movie.

The story starts off explaining that the villains of Disney movies and their children have been banished to the Isle of the Lost without their evil magic and cannot leave the island due to a spell.

Auradon is the perfect island where the heroes of Disney movies live and attend school.

Prince Ben (Cooper Thompson) is the son of King Beast (Alec Althoen) and Queen Belle (Averi Rose) and is set to be coronated as the new king of Auradon. 

Ben's first proclamation for being king is to give the villains a second chance and bring them to Auradon to the dismay of his parents.

Ben (Cooper Thompson) confessing his "love" for Mal (Maria DeMerell) Photo by Mike Williamson

It is agreed to allow four from the island to come to Auradon for a test to see if it will work.

The children of the evil queen (Emma Ockerman), Jafar (Owen Carlson), Cruella Devil (Avery Meloche) and Maleficent (Shelly Beach) are selected to come to Auradon.

Mal (Maria DeMerell), Evie (Maddie Leach), Jay (Josh Treat), and Carlos (Connor Gleespen), are reluctant to come to Auradon until Maleficent comes up with a plan for the teens to steal Fairy God Mother's wand and return it to the Isle of the Lost to allow the villains to get their powers back and escape.

Things go well for the teens until they start to see the ways of the good and confusion starts to set in. The evil teen's are not the only ones struggling with the combination of good and evil as the heroes start to wonder if the evil teens are as bad as they were told they are. 

The back and forth between the good and evil teens is fun to watch along with the amazing choreography and singing of the talented young cast put together by director Erin Palmer. 

Thompson and DeMerell are great together as Ben and Mal as they struggle with their own decisions in what is best to lead the good and evil teens.

The Dexter Drama Club will have one more showing of Disney's Descendants Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM at Dexter High School. 

Photos by Mike Williamson

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