Dexter City Offices Remodeled and Ready to Go


Several meeting rooms of varying sizes will allow for simultaneous meetings to occur.

The City of Dexter is about to make history with a new facility at 3515 Broad Street.

No, not that facility. This is about the new city offices. Prior to moving in, the city held an open house Wednesday, February 22, for the public (who braved the ice) to tour its new digs.

“We have a facility for the future,” said Mayor Shawn Keough at the open house. “I’m very proud that our staff now has room to work. They have walls between them for things such as private conversations. More than anything, the public will have the ability to come and visit in a non-cramped space. We have a lot of counter space and our own public meeting room for the first time.”

The open house comes after almost a year of renovation to the historic property.

Dexter’s former lumberyard was stylishly remodeled by MedHub into offices and a meeting center a few years ago. The complex is located where Broad St. dead ends at Huron St., just past the railroad tracks, the right side of the tracks for much-needed office space. The complex consists of a main building of 11,482 square feet and an outbuilding of 2,106 square feet with approximately 30 on-site parking spaces.

For the first time, Dexter has its own council chambers/public meeting room.

The building has been refurbished with a mix of standard office and retro-industrial styles. Lots of wood gives the office building a unique character pointing back to its history as a lumberyard and mill.

Sunnier days are coming. Dexter City Offices at 3515 Broad St.

“You can’t build this kind of character in a facility,” said Keough. “This building has a lot of history. Thankfully, the prior owners renovated it to a certain unique point, and we’ve tried to take it to the next level.”

City Manager Justin Breyer (L) and Mayor Shawn Keough.

City Manager Justin Breyer was also on hand at the open house and explained the official move would take place February 27 – March 3, during which the city offices will be closed. Monday and Tuesday are packing days. Wednesday, the movers do their thing. Thursday and Friday will involve unpacking and organizing the new offices. The following Monday, March 6, the new city offices open.

Word on the street is there is a smokin’ hot deal on some beautiful office partitions that the city no longer needs. Contact the city for details.

Dexter outgrew its small city office space above PNC Bank years ago.

“We’re obviously really excited,” said Breyer. “We actually have space now for staff without being on top of one another and bumping into each other while trying to avoid supplies and boxes stacked around the office.”

In 2001, the (then) Village of Dexter moved its offices from the west end of the fire station (now the Sheriff’s substation) to the 1,600 square foot second floor of the PNC Bank building. The move was temporary until the village could find a permanent location. At that time, the town had fewer employees than the city today and did not administer its elections, requiring significant storage space.

From 1,600 square feet to 11,482.

“We’re proud owners of a new home, finally,” added Mayor Keough.

Now, about that other facility, the fire station…

All photos by Doug Marrin

The interior has a strong but elegant nod to its historical use.
For the first time, city offices will have a lobby and ample service desk for public visits.
What do you do with something too heavy to move? Leave it for the next owner until it becomes stylish.
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