It's OK, You're Allowed



Over the last several months, I have tried to provide a brief respite from all the negative news, clickbait, and polarizing views that bombard us at seemingly every turn. One of the most commented on articles I have written to date was, “I Advocate for More Joy." The link to that article is, I have literally had people stop me in local stores (always buy local please!) to talk about that article more than any other. This made me have a think on this for a good long time this past week. Then I had a small epiphany. I do advocate for more joy. I advocate for it every day and in every small and possible way. Then what? What do I do with this joy once it has been successfully advocated for?

The short answer is this. I carry it. I carry it everywhere I go. Just like my phone and my car keys. I carry joy with me. Now, that doesn’t mean I walk around town like a grinning fool. But what if I did? I would rather see a town full of grinning fools, than scowling ground lookers. You know the type. The folks who stare directly at where their feet are stepping, thereby avoiding all eye contact with any other human? They certainly aren’t carrying around any extra advocated for joy, are they? Me? I carry my joy like a debit card. I carry it to pass it out freely to anyone and everyone I meet. You’re allowed you know. Nice is free. Let me say that again.

Nice. Is. Free.

I recently met with our family’s financial advisor recently (shout out to you Matt Bowden!) and this got me thinking about compound interest. What does this have to with carrying around your advocated joy you may ask? Everything! The grand experiment I have been trying has made me come home at the end of each day with more joy than I started with. Compound Joy Interest!

It seems the more joy I give, the more I get back. A smile, some kind words, a “good morning” that I meant when I said it (you know the difference I bet. When someone just gives you a bland, non-joyful good morning vs. one full of Compound Joy Interest or CJI). My dear friends, it’s ok to carry your joy around. Look around at our world and tell me we DON’T need more people openly carrying their joy. Some will try and steal it. It’s ok. People cannot steal what you are freely willing to give. Carry it to give it. Nice is free. I am so much happier because of the joy I carry. I carry it to give it away. It seems no matter how hard I try to empty this emotional bank account every day, I always come home fuller than when I left. I double dog dare you to try it. I cannot think of a better way to advocate for more joy than by simply giving away the joy I find every single day. Carry it around. It’s ok. And if you see a middle-aged, slightly hair thinning and waist thickening grinning fool walking around town one day, you had better get ready to get some joy thrown your way. I hope you don’t look down at where you are walking and let it splat on the ground next to you. Grab it and take the deposit. I cannot wait for you all to experience the incredible feeling of Compound Joy Interest. Let the world do its own spinning and stop obsessing on the negative. With every fiber of my being, I advocate for more joy! Please remember, double dog dares simply can’t be declined. It’s time to open your Tribe of Up Emotional Bank Account. Consider this your first deposit. Now…Go spend it. It’s ok, you’re allowed!

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