Dexter Community Schools: One-time payments to teachers and new security cameras


Off-schedule payments and security cameras were part of a couple of decisions at the last Dexter Community Schools Board of Education meeting.

The Sun Times News followed up with DCS Superintendent Chris Timmis about these two things from the March 20 meeting.

According to Timmis, the off-schedule payment for the Dexter Education Association (DEA) is part of the DEA contract.

He said the contract states:

“D. One-Time Payment.
The district agrees to distribute a one time, off the schedule payment to association members in June of each year, if the district experiences a positive revenue over expense for that school year. The amount of the payment is to be mutually agreeable.”

Timmis said, “Last year, the district finished the year with positive revenue over expense. The letter of agreement distributes the payments equally across DEA members who worked at DCS last year and are still working at DCS this school year.”

The letter of agreement states the parties agree as follows:

1. DEA members who worked more than .5 FTE during the 2021-2022 school year will receive an off-schedule payment of $430 to be paid in April, 2023.

2. DEA members who worked .5 FTE or less during the 2021-2022 school year will receive an off-schedule payment of $215 to be paid in April, 2023.

3. DEA members currently on a semester leave will receive the off-schedule to be paid when the employee returns to work.

4. DEA members must have been actively employed on 6/15/2022 including paid FMLA, and be actively employed as of April, 2023.

5. With the exception of the express covenants within this Letter of Agreement, this Letter of Agreement shall not constitute the establishment of any precedent, custom, practice or condition of employment with respect to the interpretation, enforcement or application of the 2022-2025 Master Agreement or any successor contract to that Agreement.

With the camera decision, the school board approved awarding the 2023 Camera Upgrade project to Convergint Technologies. Timmis said the security cameras were approved with an amended motion that includes contingency funds utilizing the Section 97 security grant up to $395,007.

In his bid summary memo and recommendation, Rick Munir, DCS’s Director of Technology, said regarding the camera replacement project:

“Bids for the replacement of 107 existing cameras, installing 22 new cameras, and AIPhone replacements around the district were due March 10th, 2023. We had three consultants bid on the project: Convergint Technologies, Prudential Alarm, and Capricorn Diversified Systems. After reviewing the scope of work, bidder’s proposal, and timelines, Convergint was the lowest responsive bidder. This project will be managed by Dexter Community Schools Technology Staff.”

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