Dexter Inventors Compete at EMU


Dexter’s Porter Sharp getting ready to present his invention at Eastern Michigan University’s EMUiNVENT.

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Budding student inventors from Dexter displayed their problem-solving innovations on the Eastern Michigan University campus at its annual EMUiNVENT competition on March 10.

EMUiNVENT gives students in grades 3-12 a chance to showcase prototypes they’ve designed as a result of systematic problem-solving. Students identify a problem, record the steps they take to solve it, build a model, and demonstrate it.

The program aims to help students convert ideas into products while strengthening critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills.

Dexter’s students who participated entered three inventions, and two walked away with awards.

Jonathan Keeler and Collin Wirkner (Grade 6) presented “Comfort Covering.” The problem they tackled is the reluctance of some homeless people to use shelters due to a lack of privacy and theft concerns. The Comfort Covering creates privacy and security while someone sleeps. It is big enough to hold a cot, has space for personal belongings, and the person can stand up inside.

Tobias Finn and Everett Stenberg (Grade 6) presented “Dragon Wiper - Rear View Camera Cleaner.” The problem they solved is when a vehicle’s backup camera gets dirty. It inhibits visibility. With this invention, the driver can push a button from inside the vehicle, activating the camera wiper for clear visibility.

Porter Sharp (Grade 5) invented “The Smart Front Door.” The door automatically opens at the press of an electronic key fob, helping people with their arms full, differently-abled folks, and children too small to open it themselves.

Dominic Schoenherr and Juliet Musleh (Grade 5) presented “Solar Mover.” A light sensor directs an electronically moveable platform to follow the sunlight as it moves through the day. They are designed for green thumbers with plants needing full sun.

Calvin Schrauben and Rayne Newmister (Grade 4) invented “Pen Pusher,” a pen/pencil holder that organizes and dispenses your writing utensils neatly, one at a time, as needed.

Colin Wirkner (L) and Jonathan Keeler presenting “Comfort Covering.”
Tobias Finn (L) and Everett Stenberg with their “Dragon Wiper Rear View Camera Cleaner.”
Calvin Schrauben (L) and Rayne Newmister with “Pen Pusher.”
Juliet Musleh (L) and Dominic Schoenherr presenting “Solar Mover.”
Juliet Musleh won the “Budding Inventor Award,” and Jonathan Keeler won the “Climate Solutions Award.”

Photos by Betsy Finn

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