Do People Still Write Thank You Notes?


Do People Still Write Thank You Notes?

Since the pandemic has calmed down, it seems the number of weddings, graduations and other ‘occasion’ parties have gone through the roof. I have never been a person who gives a gift and expects a thank you note. I just remember I always sent them. It seems that more and more, it is a surprise to receive one. Please don’t take this as bashing any group or generation. I get it. Our world seems less personal these days and personally, I blame Covid. We all stayed home, hunkered down, and siloed ourselves away to protect ourselves. Now that things have eased, and normal has (more or less) come back, the silos remain.

As the Tribe of Up appointed spokesperson, I have my sledgehammer in hand and I am ready to do some silo smashing. However, if it is true that the pen really is mightier than the sword, I may just leave my sledgehammer in my pickup truck and offer this instead.

I am going to write a thank you note.

I can’t remember the last time I put pen put to paper for this purpose, but it’s time for a good old-fashioned double-dog dare. Fellow Tribes folks let’s reach out to the people who deserve our thanks. If you have some old stationary and a few dusty stamps laying around, all the better. If not, a text, email or (gasp) phone call will do just fine. Let’s remember who helped us, cheered for us, encouraged us, pushed us, and yes loved us when we needed it the most. Without further ado, here goes.

Dear Everyone Mentioned Below,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to offer my deepest and sincerest thanks for the gifts, time, advice, love and support you have provided over the years.


Mom and Dad, I get it now. You were right.

Brian McNally, my high school Youth Group Director. You were an amazing inspiration, friend, confidante, and leader this guy desperately needed as a young man.

Scott Guenther, my high school soccer coach. Thank you for making me a better goalkeeper and person than I was prepared to settle for being. It was your coaching of the soul first and player second that made me never accept mediocrity again.

Dr. Stanley Topel, my high school U.S. History teacher. More than anyone else, you prepared me for college. I don’t think I would’ve succeeded without your teachings on how to be a great student.

To my wife’s wonderful high school friend Kelli Wazny. I don’t remember the conversation the two of you had about having kids. But your recommendation of Dr. Shamma to my wife gave us the greatest gift ever given. There are zero days that go by I am not especially thankful to you for that conversation.

Angie Finch, my friend and CPA. If you’ve ever had a bad CPA, you’ll never appreciate a great one more and Angie is the best! Thank you, my friend.

Chuck Hopkins and Chris Heike, my son’s travel baseball coaches. You two (with a shout out to Coaches Brett and Tony as well), developing our sons to be great men first, baseball players second is the greatest W our team has ever achieved. We’ve won a lot of tournaments and games over the years, but nothing means more than teaching them loyalty, decency, and dedication matter more than throwing, hitting, and fielding.

To the Dexter Busch’s. As infuriating as it was that you changed the layout of our neighborhood grocery store (and infuriating me further by making me realize I am becoming an old man for being angry about the changing layout of our neighborhood grocery store), thank you for keeping the deli largely intact. As a fellow Deli aisle (see last week’s article) the improvements made there (and the fact you didn’t move it) are wonderful!

Sadly, the paper has given me a word limit each week, otherwise there are dozens of others I really wish I could thank. But alas, those will be done individually. Lastly,

My wife and son. You are literally my everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Who are you thanking first fellow tribe members? What are you thanking them for? Please, take a moment and thank those who deserve it most. We all have a list. I can’t think of anything that will advocate for joy more than thanking those who touched your lives in the most positive ways possible. Get that thank you card written!

Thank you.

Steve Gwisdalla is a Dexter resident and owns BetterPlace Consulting, a success and career coaching, recruiting and small business consulting company. If you need help finding new and creative ways to thank those closest to you, reach out to him at

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