Local businesses welcome the Dexter Community Schools Spring Art Walk


A look at some student art inside Aubree's. photo by Jane Montero

Student-created art will be on display at various Dexter businesses over the next few weeks as the community celebrates Dexter Community School’s annual Spring Art Walk.

This will be the eighth time for this event that highlights art created by students in Young Fives up to 12th grade. The businesses will have the art work on display inside their locations and they are viewable during their normal business hours.

Participating locations include: Aubree’s Restaurant, Dexter Bakery, Dexter Creamery, Dexter District Library, Dexter’s Pub, Hackney Hardware, Hearts & Flowers, PNC Bank, Huntington Bank, Dexter Nutrition and Shear Bliss Salon.

Here are some perspectives of the artwork straight from some of the artists:

In describing her Michigan Watercolor Landscape, fourth-grader Annie Winkler said, “My piece is very colorful. I love the way the yellow and orange birch tree leaves blend with the sunset sky. I also love the aqua water and the perfectly green grass with the cream birch trunk bursting up from the ground.”

As to what inspired her, she said, “Well, the fish reminded me of the bluegill that I catch up at our cottage with my Grandpa. Also, the tall birch trees in the backyard that sway with the wind.”

Fourth-grader Annie Winkler's piece. photo courtesy of Dexter Community Schools

In describing her piece, sixth-grader Claire M. said "My piece includes a couple of ducks, a lot of ants, some butterflies, some great horned owls, a tree, and greenery. The ducks were inspired by my neighbors’ ducks, and the tree looked bare so I added the ants and owls. The butterflies were to fill up empty space, and the plants were for the ducks."

Dexter High School sophomore Bridget Jordan said, "I decided to make a small friendly goblin creature with horns. My design was inspired by some of the monsters found in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."

While DHS Junior Paige Babcock said, "There was a lot of room to explore different aspects in this project, even though I was limited to drawing one object. Therefore, I wanted each representation of my object to be very dynamic, creative, and expressive. I also prioritized cohesion in my piece. Since spring had just begun when I started my piece, I also tried to implement components of nature throughout my piece."

Babcock’s class/project are Advanced Drawing & Paint., Principles Accordion Book.

The Spring Art Walk runs from April 29-May 21.

Art on display inside Dexter Creamery. photo by Jane Montero
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