Dexter Alumni Association: A Celebration of Tradition and Connection


The Dexter Alumni Association has a long and storied history with deep roots in the community.

This year, the association is gearing up for its annual banquet on June 17, providing a unique opportunity for graduates to reconnect with classmates and friends from different years. In a recent interview, Jim Smith, Class of 1966, shared his family's connection to the association and the importance of staying in touch with one's school community.

Jim's family has been part of Dexter's history for generations. "My great-great-grandfather came to the area around 1833 when they came from England," he said.

His grandmother, a Dexter alumna from 1898, was the first secretary of the Alumni Association when it was formed in 1905. This legacy continues with Jim, who got involved with the association in the early 90s to help transition their record-keeping system from manual index cards to digital databases. Today, he is the Board President.

Being part of an alum association offers various benefits, such as staying informed about community events and receiving updates on class reunions. According to Jim, the annual Dexter Alumni Association banquet is special because "it's open to all years. So, we have a core group of people who come almost every year because they enjoy it. They not only get to see people from their classes but also people they went to school with or maybe played on a sports team with."

Recently, the association has made some changes to improve the banquet experience. "We switched around several years ago to do the business meeting first," Jim explained. "And then we have the meal, which becomes much more relaxing because it doesn't have to end at a certain time."

The event also includes recognition of honor classes and scholarship recipients, with designated spokespeople from each class sharing memories and stories.

In a recent DHS Alumni Newsletter, Smith said, “I encourage you to attend the banquet, pay your dues, support the Scholarship Program and stay in touch. If you can give a few hours in June to help make the banquet a success, please email me at
or leave a message at 734 426 8885.”

To sign up for the banquet, alums can visit the Dexter Alumni Association website at

Or click on the links below for the registration form.

Alums are encouraged to visit the website to update their contact information or make a scholarship donation.

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