Dig For the Spring, Don't Rely on the Rivers.


Dig for the spring, don’t rely on the rivers.

To be completely honest, I don’t know if I created this saying or if I heard or read it anywhere. I Googled it and didn’t find anything. So, for the next several hundred words, let’s pretend like I created a really cool saying. I am beaming with writer’s pride at this moment. Now, what does it mean?

It has often been said that finding a 4-leaf clover will bring you a lifetime of luck. Wishing upon a star or making a wish before blowing out birthday candles and wishes come true. People really want some extraneous factor, event, or thing to help them. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because it is easier. If wishes don’t come true, it’s not their fault. Blaming it on something else is easy.

It’s easy to get water from the river. If you have something you don’t like, you could throw it in a river, and it will just drift away. If you dump something in it, the river takes it downstream. Fish can come from upstream. Tomorrow’s water won’t be today’s water in a river. See where I’m going here? Let’s hope the guy upriver isn’t dumping bad stuff that will be heading your way soon. While it’s true you have water by a river, you are at the mercy of who or whatever is upstream. What does this have to do with the Tribe of Up you may be asking? EVERYTHING my friends!

Tribe of Up people aren’t afraid of a little work. Sweat equity is the best kind of equity. I’ll pass on the river, thank you very much. Those of us living with all the challenges the mighty Huron River has been throwing at us these past years can attest. Don’t want to rely on others for ‘good water?’ Dig for the spring. Mother Nature does a great job filtering, washing, and preparing water to be far better for us. In other words, Tribe of Up members make their own luck. Get those hands dirty and dig. Search for that spring. Seek it. Once you find it, you will have good, clean water to feed your body. We aren’t relying on or hoping someone does something to change the quality of the river. Like the mightiest of rivers comes the mightiest of questions. How? How do we dig when we don’t have a shovel? What if we aren’t equipped to dig? My friends, we have our hands, our feet, our ingenuity, and our desire to create our own path, not just rely on fate or luck or the kindness of strangers. Want to know a secret? You aren’t alone. By simply reading this, you are part of a tribe. A tribe of people who actively seek to advocate for more joy. A tribe who seeks to help. A tribe who values individuality while encircling and surrounding those who need a hand.

I have a shovel. I bet many of you do. With that in mind, I am looking for those among you who want to be counted on as tribal leaders. It truly does take a village. We have communities in eyeshot of this paper with the very best this world has to offer. There is so much untapped potential to help our fellow tribes’ members who need to dig for the spring. Who’s with me? Who will stand up for those needing help to stand on their own. I don’t make wishes when I blow out candles or see a shooting star. I don’t go seeking 4 leaf clovers. I look for opportunities to advocate for more joy. I look for people who say, “good morning” and mean it. My friends, it’s time. It’s time to become a tribe. People out there need help. I don’t trust the rivers. I found my spring. I will help you find yours. I know others will help you as well. Let’s get to digging!

Steve Gwisdalla is a Dexter resident and owner, Chief Digging Officer and genuinely happy guy of BetterPlace Consulting. Actively seeking Tribal Leaders to help those in our world who need to dig their own wells. Reach out at steve@betterplacemgmt.com.

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