Dexter UFO Mystery to Light Up on the Science Channel



The Southeast Michigan UFO sightings that occurred more than fifty years ago in Dexter Township and elsewhere continue to fascinate investigators today. The Science Channel’s upcoming series, “Mission Unexplained,” features the strange events in one of its episodes1 with author/investigator Ray Szymanski.

Back in March 1966, Dexter, alongside Hillsdale College, was thrust into the national spotlight when unusual lights and alleged flying saucers pierced the calm night sky. Initially discounted as “marsh gas” by the government, the UFO sightings sparked a flurry of attention from across the nation. Once shrouded in mystery and dismissed amidst a web of military secrets, this intriguing phenomenon has seen a resurgence of interest with the recent declassification of U.S. military UFO data by the ODNI (Office of the Director of National Security).

It was at the end of this country lane, McGinnis Rd., in Dexter Twp where the strange lights were spotted by multiple witnesses over the Mannor swamp in 1966. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Fast forward to today, the Science Channel’s upcoming series, “Mission Unexplained,” seeks to unravel these mysteries. The series is set to feature an episode based on the groundbreaking book, Swamp Gas My Ass, penned by Southeast Michigan native Raymond Szymanski, a prominent researcher and author in the field. This exclusive episode spotlights Air Force veteran Colonel Gary Kent Carroll, one of two Air Force pilots sent up to intercept the UFOs. Colonel Carroll broke his silence after 55 years to share his firsthand experience of the UFO incident that put Southeast Michigan on the extraterrestrial map in 1966.

The episode, deeply rooted in Dexter’s UFO history, will include numerous clips from Szymanski’s interviews with Colonel Carroll. Viewers will also be treated to an appearance by Szymanski, who will provide updated insights on this legendary event.

The highly-anticipated series is set to air in the United States on May 23, followed by a release on Discovery+.

“Mission Unexplained” originally aired on Canada’s Cottage Life Channel in March. Szymanski's interview of Carroll was on episode eight, but the episode order of U.S. airings is yet to be determined.

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Author Ray Szymanski. Courtesy Ray Szymanski.

The intrigue surrounding Szymanski’s investigation s has sparked a surge in demand for his findings on radio shows, podcasts, and national UFO conferences. Most recently, he was featured on the popular Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters podcast. This August, he's set to be a speaker at the MUFON International UFO Symposium in Covington, KY, and will also participate in an alien abduction experts panel at the event. Szymanski recently inked a deal to have his debut book, “Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patteson Air Force Base and Beyond,” translated into French.

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