Dexter Forum Notes | 10-17-20


We had our final candidates on the virtual stump this morning. They were: Rod Anderson - Republican, County Commission District 1Wa Hubbard - Non-partisan, Dexter City CouncilZach Michels - Non-partisan, Dexter City CouncilSue Shink - Democrat, County Commission District 2

Michigan law allows for elections to be held in May, August, and November of each year. (In presidential years there can be a primary as scheduled by the political parties.) Since all of our elected officials are elected in even years the 2021 election dates, if needed, will likely only be about funding issues so we will put the stump in storage for a while and get back to our bread and butter issues like traffic and development.

We did have time for a few other items.

Sanam Arab explained the decision by the arts, culture, and heritage committee to postpone their storytelling even until later in the year.

Ryan Henyard recommended a guide for young/first time voters developed by UM that is available at Michigan Online.

Aimee Osinski asked candidates who wish to be featured in the next issue of The Guardian to contact her at

Paul McCann reported that the re-opening of the library has been going well with good mask compliance. The library looks a little different and has less of a browsing vibe and more of a do what you need to do and keep moving feel. In any case, it is good to be open again.

Senator Theis gave a quick Lansing update. 

October is a five Saturday month so our next session will be in three weeks on Saturday, November 7 at 8:30 AM on Zoom. With any luck we may even know who won the election for president.

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