Hopes for Dexter's Ice Rink Melt


| 1 min | by Doug Marrin |

Dexter's Parks and Recreation Commission has frozen in place over what to do regarding this year's public ice rink in Dexter. Asking the City Council for some guidance, the Council didn't skate around the subject and decided at its Oct. 19, 2020 meeting.

City Clerk Justin Breyer explained that the City would have to stick a double-axel to have an ice rink this year. "First, does the installation of the ice rink create a potential hazard or opportunity for uncontrolled crowds and the spread of the pandemic? The second is a potential ice rink location."

The first, COVID safety precautions, is by now too familiar and has tripped up everything this year. So, it's no surprise. The Council's sentiment is that the City can't put itself in a position of creating an event where a crowd could congregate.

Said Councilmember Donna Fisher during the discussion, "I'm going to suggest that we don't do that at the ice rink. Other years we'll be fine, and we can bring it back, and maybe we can bring it back with great fanfare. But I'm afraid to put it up, quite frankly. I don't want to do anything to contribute to somebody's ill health."

The second jump to clear, location, has been troublesome in the past couple of years. The ice rink has been put up in Monument Park for many years, but the park's grade creates a deep end that is difficult to get frozen during average winter temperatures. Last year, the rink was relocated to Mill Creek Park behind the fire station, but problems, most notably vandalism, kept the rink closed all season.

When the final score was tallied, the Council concurred with Councilmember Fisher and elected to forego this year's ice rink in hopes of bringing it back when conditions are favorable.

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