Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro Opens its Doors in Dexter to Enthusiastic Crowd


A nexus of fresh bread, artisanal pizzas, and a community eager to slake their appetite formed at 8080 Grand St. this Saturday, Aug. 19th, as Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro celebrated its grand opening. Situated snugly beside the renowned Erratic Ales, the new eatery had locals and visitors alike lined up out the door.

Owner Nick Raterman, energetically moving between an oven full of pizzas and the prep table smiles and notes, “It’s been this way since we opened. We’re going to run out of everything.”

Owner, Nick Raterman.

Raterman’s dedication to perfecting the craft of bread-making has not gone unnoticed. With a history that includes a strong presence at farmers markets and consignment accounts at local stores, his encomium-worthy bread attracted many loyalists. Making the transition from an engineer to a baker, Nick took a bold step, moving into a licensed, shared kitchen to embark on full-time baking.

Among the eager patrons were a pair from Ann Arbor. One said, “We bought bread from Nick at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market and followed him here.” Their companion added, laughing, “We’ve been in withdrawal because he hasn’t gone to the farmers market the last couple of weeks getting ready for his opening.” They relished a pear and gorgonzola pizza as they sang praises about their meal in between bites.

A group of Dexter residents just sitting down with an assortment of power bowls and sandwiches, all of which got an enthusiastic thumbs up after the first few bites.

Dexterites Karen and Jeff Eekhoff echoed the enthusiasm. After waiting in the long line for their order of pear and gorgonzola pizza and sourdough twists, Karen remarked, “It was such a fun community feel for an opening day. Lots of people outdoors, good music, and the food was delicious. We’ll be back soon. We're anxious to try the sandwiches and bowl, too. Too many great options for one meal.”

In a move sure to elevate the gastronomic experience, an agreement has been struck with neighboring Erratic Ales. This collaboration allows patrons to enjoy their freshly procured meals alongside top-tier beers.

Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro will be open Wed–Fri 12-7, and Sat 9-5.

Visit https://www.ratermanbread.com/
for more information.

Two separate menus with items on the front and back. One traditional and one vegan.

Photos by Doug Marrin

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