Highline Spirits Founder Christi Lower to Open Tasting Room in Hometown of Dexter


Founder and CEO of Highline Spirits, Christi Lower. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Whiskey aficionados can soon indulge in the Highline Spirits Tasting Room in Dexter, set to open at the end of September. The vast 2,400-square-foot space is located at 3126 Broad St. (between Dancer’s Edge and Carosello Pasta).

Dexter native and resident Christi Lower, CEO and founder of Highline Spirits, is bringing her brand home after distributing it in 46 states.

“I went to high school here in Dexter, and now I'm raising my family here,” says Lower. “The tasting room is a natural fit, not only for Dexter to have something unique but also a good fit for me to have a business in the community I’m part of.”

Lower is fascinated by the science behind distilling and blending. Photo courtesy of Highline Spirits.

Lower, a former pediatric surgeon physician assistant and mother of four, is an avid whisky enthusiast. Her inspiration stems from a passion for blending spirits. For her, combining different cultures and crafts leads to something more profound than the individual parts. Bored with the monotonous offerings in the spirits world, she launched Highline Spirits, aiming to redefine the norms by focusing on unique sourcing, blending, batching, and finishing of super-premium and ultra-premium small-batch spirits.

The former pediatric surgeon PA recalls her decade-long journey in the industry, saying, "I was drawn to how weather, terroir, wood, grain, and yeast could influence a spirit's evolution. However, I was baffled by how limited and controlled the final product became, especially given the changing demographics of the American consumer. Our spirits should grow and diversify just as our culture does."

“I really, really enjoyed practicing medicine,” says Lower. “But when I looked at my passions and what I truly enjoyed outside of the hospital, I was reading distilling textbooks for fun. That’s the route I decided to follow. It has the similar chemistry, science, and methodology behind many practices.”

Highline Spirits enters the market with four limited-edition flagship products:

  • Bourbon Whiskey - A blend of five-, six-, and eight-year straight bourbons featuring caramel and butterscotch notes with a hint of baking spice on the nose. The full and robust palate finishes with the light oak undertones of aged Kentucky bourbon. 51% ABV/102 proof. $64.99
  • Triple Rye Whiskey - Lively aromas of cocoa and dark cherry, with lingering and robust flavors of malt chocolate and stone fruit. A blend of five, 5 1/2-and 10-year-old whiskies. 48.5% ABV/97 proof. $79.99
  • Straight Kentucky Whiskey - Eight years of aging brings caramel, vanilla, and malted chocolate flavors with a smooth, approachable palate and a light, lingering finish. 50% ABV/100 proof. $49.99
  • American Whiskey - An exquisite blend of two high rye Indiana bourbons, a Kentucky heritage bourbon, and a straight wheat whiskey, all finished in new American, French, and Hungarian toasted oak barrels. Bottled at cask strength, this smooth blend of five-, six-, seven-, and eight-year-old whiskies evoke caramel richness, sweet stone fruit, and baking spice. 56% ABV/112 proof. $139.99

“We're in the area market now,” she explains. “We are we have a couple of cocktails on Zingerman's menu. I'm working on getting a shipment into Total Wine, and we're also in Wine Castle.”

Highline Spirits Tasting Room is located at 3126 Broad St in Dexter, between Dancer’s Edge and Carosello Pasta. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Lower has a tentative date of Sep. 29 for opening her tasting room. “We are going to feature different cuisines and food trucks,” she says. “We aren't serving food here but will have food trucks. We want to feature people who may not have access to the main street of a town. We are intentionally seeking smaller, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses to work with for food.”

Looking ahead, Lower has ambitious plans. With over 4,000 barrels, aged from new to 10 years, and a yearly production schedule of over 3,500 barrels, Highline Spirits is gearing up to launch a diversified range of spirits, including gin, rum, tequila, and vodka. Global expansion is also on the horizon within the next decade.

Stay updated by following Highline Spirits on Instagram at @highlinespirits. Visit highlinespirits.com for more information.

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