Dexter City Council Discusses Implementation of "No Knock" List for Door-to-Door Solicitors


Dexter resident Linda Musolf was out for a walk with her grandsons and thinks a “No Knock List” is a great idea. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Tired of unsolicited knocks on your door disrupting your home time? Dexter's City Council is considering a "No Knock" list that may offer residents a welcomed reprieve.

City Manager Justin Breyer introduced The idea to the city council at the Aug. 28th
council meeting. From Breyer’s report to the council:

“Over the last few weeks, staff has received a number of complaints about solicitors that have received hawker/peddler permits. Staff is aware that other Michigan communities have established ‘No Knock’ lists via ordinance, which serve a similar function to ‘do not call’ lists. If City Council is interested, staff is willing to draft a ‘No Knock’ ordinance for Council consideration.”

Breyer asked the council for their thoughts on the matter.

Councilmember Semifero told the council that he had also heard from a community member concerned about door-to-door solicitations. “I do worry about the impact on staff to implement (a No Knock List),” he said.

Breyer explained his idea for such a list would have minimal impact on the city staff. His idea is to have a link for residents to register online. When a peddler permit is issued, give them a printout of the No Knock List. “It seems like something that could be reasonably done, and I think would make a lot of people happy,” said Breyer.

“I have also heard from many neighbors that would really appreciate something like that,” said Councilmember Aldag. She believes a list issued by the city would carry more weight with door-to-door solicitors than a posted “No Soliciting” sign by the homeowner. “I have one, and they come anyway,” she explained.

Councilmember Hubbard agreed, saying it would be an added layer of deterrence to implement for people who do not want unexpected strangers coming to their door.

City Manager Breyer told the Sun Times News he plans to present a draft “No Knock List” ordinance to the council at one of their upcoming meetings.

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