Dexter City Council Considers Preliminary Site Plan for Mill Creek Flats


Conceptual rendering of Mill Creek Flats by O|X Studios. From the council packet.

At its Sept. 11 meeting, the Dexter City Council considered a preliminary site plan recommendation from the Planning Commission for Mill Creek Flats.

Mill Creek Flats is an apartment complex proposed by Grand Development Group, LLC. The concept is planned for 7965 and 7997 Grand St. in Dexter. The proposed project includes:

  • Two three-story buildings.
  • Seventy-six apartments.
  • Eighty-five on-site parking spaces and six on-street parking spaces.
  • Other residential features such as a stormwater management system, dumpster areas, and landscaping improvements.

Developers look to provide a variety of housing options, emphasizing the natural beauty of Mill Creek.

The location for Mill Creek Flats is designated as Village Commercial in Dexter's Master Plan. This designation aims to balance the area's traditional look while allowing for diverse property uses. The proposed buildings, which range in height from three to five stories, fit within the guidelines set out by the Master Plan.

Citing reports from city staff, consultants, and the fire department, Councilmember Semifero motioned to approve the preliminary site plan and special land use permit for Mill Creek Flats based upon the Planning Commission’s recommendation but subject to 22 conditions.

The conditions include things such as 1) Design promoting pedestrian access and environmental preservation, 2) Meeting zoning requirements, and 3) Several deviations related to building dimensions, parking, and architectural details.

According to Grand Development Group, the aim of Mill Creek Flats is to provide diverse housing options to meet the needs of various residents. The majority of these will be efficiency and one-bedroom units, with a few two-bedroom units available. Some will even feature private rooftop terraces. The developers have categorized their housing initiative as “attainable housing.”

"Attainable housing" refers to housing options that are affordable for individuals or families with median incomes. While the term "affordable housing" is often used to describe housing for those with low incomes or in need of financial assistance, "attainable housing" emphasizes housing that, although not necessarily subsidized, is still within the financial reach of middle-income earners, a topic that frequently pops up in Dexter community discussions.

The concept of attainable housing arises from the concern that, in many areas, even those earning median or average incomes find it difficult to afford a home, particularly in markets where real estate prices have soared.

Highlighting the scenic beauty of Mill Creek, the developers plan to offer residents direct access to the Mill Creek pathway and integrate architectural features that highlight the creek's natural surroundings. They hope to provide new housing options while respecting and enhancing the area's natural beauty.

The Dexter City Council approved the site plan 5-2. Yes: Semifero, Aldag, Hubbard, Schlaff, Keough. No: Michels, Griffin.

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