I'll Grow Where I've Been Planted


I’ll Grow Where I’ve Been Planted

I heard this quote in a movie, while watching TV with my wife during the pandemic. Many a-think have been had on this simple line over the past couple of years and I think I’ve finally figured out how to translate it into my life and search for happiness and advocating for more joy.

As humans, many of us always think the next thing will be better than the current thing. Once I get that new job, all my stress will be gone.

Once I find that special someone, I will be truly happy.

Once I finally take a vacation, my batteries will recharge.

Once I, once I, once I. It seems that all too often, we are looking for different ‘dirt’ to plant our proverbial roots. In my never-ending quest to find new and creative ways to advocate for more joy, let me share this with you, my friends. The vast majority of the time, it isn’t the dirt that is the issue, it’s the roots. But the real secret is, we can control what goes into our dirt to help keep our roots healthy. We don’t truly let our roots grow deep because we are always waiting for the next patch of dirt to dig down into. All the while the dirt we are in is perfectly fine. We have great dirt all around us. We have others who have pushed their roots deep sitting right next to us and are trying to enter twine their roots with ours. Don’t worry, I’m almost done with the dirt and root analogy.

If left unchecked and uncared for, yes, the dirt can lose its richness. I love gardening and water and fertilizer are necessary for healthy roots. All of this leads to a question. Do you water and fertilize your dirt so your roots can grow? Do you put quality information into your day? Do you find positive things, messages, moments that truly fertilize our need for joy? Or do you oversaturate your dirt with the manure the world wants to shove down our throats at seemingly every single turn. Great gardens start with great dirt. How are you treating yours? Do you quiet your mind and just relax, even if it’s only for a few seconds at a time? When was the last time you closed your eyes and took a long, slow deep breath? Studies are beginning to prove that deep breathing exercises can reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone we all produce). Taking a few deep breaths everyday is great for your dirt. That in turn is great for your roots. I’m reading a great book by Harvey Martin called Breathe Focus Excel. He is currently a Performance Coach for the San Fransisco Giants baseball team and has roots that stretch back to Michigan. His sister who lives locally turned me on to this idea and her brother’s book. The concept of deep breathing to help us focus and reduce stress isn’t new, but Harvey’s work in professional sports and this idea about controlling our breathing is truly amazing (shout out to you Jess Martin!)

To truly grow where we are planted is such a simple but powerful idea whose time has come. It isn’t the next job that will mentally exile all bad bosses from your life. It is how you deal with them. It’s your dirt. Love the dirt you are in. Treat it with kindness and joy. Add a few drops of peace and calm and a splash of positive and watch yourself bloom!

If you are looking for other ways to truly grow where you’ve been planted, reach out. Let’s find the right balance of fertilizer, water, love and care for your soil. Don’t let the ‘once I’s’ take over your way of thinking. Focus on where you are right now. Be in the present and look around. You will see a whole host of others whose roots are right next to yours willing to help. Our communities are fabulous places with some really great dirt. Let’s not only grow where we are planted, but flourish! Your roots will thank you.

Steve Gwisdalla is a Dexter resident and the Owner, Chief Green Thumb, Head Dirt Tiller, and Success Coach at BetterPlace Consulting. Reach out to him at steve@betterplacemgmt.com
if you need some help with your dirt.

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