Dexter Lions Humanitarian Work not Slowed by Pandemic


| 1 min | by Doug Marrin |

Chances are you have benefited from the work of the Dexter Lions Club. Whether it’s a pause in their park, enjoying the gazebo downtown, attending Apple Daze, a scholarship, or any other of the club’s philanthropic work, the group’s work impacts many facets of the community.

Even through the pandemic, when many groups, businesses, and organizations shut down or at best slowed down, the Dexter Lions have forged ahead with their mission of service. Since the middle of March, the club has provided the following:

  • Meals 3x a week for 12 weeks for emergency workers at the DAFD.
  • 5 scholarships to Dexter HS Seniors.
  • Funds for the Literacy Program at Dexter’s elementary schools.
  • The annual Fall Sports Program for Dexter Athletics.
  • Volunteers working high school football games.
  • 300 pairs of eyeglasses to be distributed on mission trips.
  • Sent two pairs of hear aids to be distributed by the Lions of Michigan.
  • Funds for the Dexter Area Historical Society.
  • Funds for tables and chairs at the Dexter Senior Center.
  • Funds to the family of family whose child was paralyzed.
  • Assistance for a homeless Dexter Student.
  • Funds to the Lions of Michigan Foundation.
  • Funds for Winter Camp for the Blind.
  • Assistance for a new sound system for Dexter Community Players.
  • Funds for Bear Lake Camp for Blind Children.
  • Funds for Leader Dogs for the Blind.
  • Funds for Radio Reading Services.
  • Funds for Penrickton Center for Blind Children.
  • Support for Dexter Family Services.
  • Financial support for Dexter Senior Center Meals on Wheels program.
  • Funds for Eversight.
  • Purchased eyeglasses for a resident in need.
  • The Carl Willoughby Memorial Scholarship to a Dexter HS Senior.

The Lions have accomplished this in spite of losing three of their fundraisers over the past 8 months. The club is quick to credit the tremendous support from area residents and businesses who support the Lions’ mission of a people “dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why.”

The Lions invite anyone interested in joining their effort to visit

Photo: Dexter Lions Club website

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