Unique office building development planned for Scio Township


A new office building development is planned to go in at Liberty and Wagner roads.

Called the Crossroads, the final site plan for this proposed office complex project received approval by the Scio Township Board at its Nov. 24 meeting, which gives it the green light to move forward.

The approval included the allocation of 38 REU’s (for sewer connection purposes) and a ground land lease on township land.

According to the plan, the development will be located at the southwest corner of Liberty and Wagner. It will include two buildings, which comprise a total of 181,275 square feet with 102,975 square feet in Building A, which wraps around the corner, and 78,300 in Building B, west of A and which faces Liberty Road.

As part of the approval, Scio Township Supervisor Will Hathaway said during the course of the discussion at the Nov. 24 meeting, the Crossroads developer, “pledged to do the engineering for a pedestrian pathway/sidewalk along the south side of Liberty Road to connect with the existing sidewalk at Scio Ridge.”

This project also received variances: reduction of 110 foot centerline setback from Wagner and Liberty Roads and a building height variance to allow 3 stories (in lieu of 2) and an additional 6 feet of height.

Scio Township’s report said “a small portion of the project site is on property owned by Scio Township. This 0.67 acre parcel is in the very southeast corner of the project site. Originally this site was intended as a site for a second fire station. However, the small size and configuration of the site does not lend itself to what would be needed for a second fire station. The developer has proposed and furnished documentation for a land lease and ultimately a purchase of the property, should the Township desire to do so.”

The overall site comprises 10.4 acres and according to Scio, had previously been approved in 2007 as the Liberty Point Office Park.

“However, that project never materialized, with the exception of the Nie Funeral Home, which occupies the very western portion of the property,” the township report said. “The Nie property is excluded from and is not part of the Crossroads development.”

The Crossroads project narrative states that some of the site amenities will include: “Rain Gardens and the development of stormwater infiltration throughout the site replaces a traditional underground pipe storm sewer system and detention pond. By developing a 2-story parking structure, in the southeast corner of the site, and parking below Building B, we have allowed more open green spaces with walkways. The center of the site is a 1-acre park with picnic and walking areas. There is an integrated walkway around the inside of the site.”

Also, according to Scio, the developer has noted that the buildings are “designed with sustainability in mind. Much of the building is south facing with extensive glass along with passive solar management with energy recovery ventilation, daylight controlled lighting systems, efficient LED lighting, high performance insulated glazing, green/recycled building materials and a low maintenance building enclosure.”

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