Raterman's Bread Haus & Bistro Rises to the Occasion


In the shadow of downtown Dexter, Raterman's Bread Haus & Bistro continues to draw a large audience of food-loving enthusiasts at its location on the corner of Grand and Broad Streets.

Owner Nick Raterman opened his bistro in August. This delightful locale, known for its aromatic bread and sumptuous eats, has been a hub of activity, particularly on Saturdays, which Nick calls "our big bakery day." As he explains, "People still show up in droves."

The cafe's popularity hasn't waned since its inception. To better serve the bustling crowds, Raterman's has embraced modern solutions. "We have the online side of our business now," Nick mentions, explaining how online ordering has eased some of the wait times for customers.

At Raterman Bread Haus & Bistro, everything revolves around bread - that humble yet extraordinary staple that holds a special place in cultures around the world. "I always like the idea of German, Irish, and Scottish cultures where things start and end with bread," Raterman shares. "You know, it's the thing that goes in the middle of the table for every meal."

With an engineer’s mind that is always eager to innovate, Nick describes Raterman’s latest culinary delight, "The new thing that we just started yesterday is we have hot soup and bread now." The soup, a tantalizing coconut curry butternut squash, is not only vegan but also made with local ingredients. "It's coconut milk-based. So, it's healthy," Nick adds, emphasizing the bistro's commitment to offering diverse, inclusive food options.

Raterman's environmental consciousness is another feather in its cap. Nick elaborates on their near-zero waste approach, "Our food waste is all cyclical. We compost all of our kitchen scraps, and they go to farm animals." This sustainable cycle demonstrates their ethos of giving back to the community and the environment.

Word about the food has gotten out to larger stages. Organizers for Dexter's Holiday Hustle have ordered around 600 pretzels for the runners and made bistro an option for participants to order meals from. 

Despite the initial uncertainty, the cafe's success has exceeded expectations. "I don't think I really knew what to expect," Nick admits, reflecting on the journey from concept to reality. The community's robust support has been a constant, and in response, the bakery continues to evolve. "This week, we just introduced our new winter-time menus," says Nick, hinting at an expanded array of pizzas and sandwiches that will soon be available online.

Find out more at https://ratermanbread.squarespace.com/

Photo: Nick Raterman. Photo by Doug Marrin.

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