Artists of All Ages Invited to Take Part in Dexter’s Tapestry of Community Art


Photo by Jane Montero

This February, the heart of Dexter will transform into a vibrant canvas for community expression as it once again hosts the endearing “What We Love About Dexter” art walk. Dexter's downtown, already full of charm and spirit, will become an open gallery showcasing the talents and passions of its residents.

Organized by the Dexter Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee, the exhibition uses Valentine’s Day as the backdrop for locals of all ages to contribute an array of art forms - from paintings and photographs to songs, poems, and stories. Each piece is a personal ode to the elements that make Dexter truly special.

This communal art project aims to weave together the threads of Dexter’s identity, capturing its unique character and beauty as seen through the eyes of its residents, a visual narrative of Dexter penned by its most authentic authors.

Artworks will be displayed in various business storefronts. Artists of all ages can submit their photographs, drawings, paintings, songs, poems, short stories, etc., of what they love about Dexter to the City Hall at 3515 Broad Street. Deadline is January 16th. Submissions must be no bigger than 11x17 with a tag giving the artist’s name, title of the piece, and contact information.

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