Is a single hauler trash service the right idea for Dexter Township?


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Trash collection has been an issue for Dexter Township residents, from costs to inconsistent pick-ups. Knowing this, township hall is now seeking a potential solution.

In moving forward on this, the Dexter Township Board at its Dec. 19 meeting approved a Single Hauler Ordinance that will allow the township to move forward on assessing single hauler options. The township board considered the community's view input before putting forth this idea.

The Sun Times News followed up with township supervisor Karen Sikkenga and asked her what township residents should know.

“The community should know that this was initiated because our community expressed strong interest in moving to single hauler in their responses to our Master Plan survey,” Sikkenga said. “It is needed because trash collection in Dexter Township can be expensive and inconsistent. The ordinance is the first step in a thoughtful process to determine whether single hauler is the right choice for Dexter Township, and if so, what the specific parameters should be.”

She said the ordinance was adopted as proposed; “with the expectation that the ordinance will need to be amended if and when we decide to move forward.”

“The next step is to obtain information from solid waste providers to determine what the cost and service levels would be,” says Sikkenga.

In her meeting report to the board on this topic, Dexter Board Trustee Karen Nolte said, “One action item in our strategic plan was to research and address providing a single hauler trash service for our residents. From the Master Plan survey, we know a majority residents support this topic.”

She said a committee (funded by a county grant) was put together with Theo Eggermont, Director of the county’s Public Works, consultant Matthew Naud from Resource Recycling Systems and representatives from Lyndon Township and Dexter Township.

“One goal was to combine our Townships to increase the volume of homes to improve numbers when submitting RFP’s to trash providers,” Nolte said in her report.

She said approving this ordinance does not mean “we must move forward with an RFP, it simply lays the foundation to move forward, as we choose.”

“We must have an ordinance in place prior to bidding this project – this is the first stepping stone. Financial aspects of a single hauler can be addressed when discussion of an RFP comes forth,” said Nolte. “This ordinance does not in itself have a fiscal impact on the township budget.”

Another next step, according to Sikkenga, will also see the township surveying the community via the township’s “In the Loop” email list to find out what residents are currently paying, and how satisfied they are with their current service.

To receive the survey, one must sign up for the email list by contacting

“Going forward, there will be plenty of opportunity for community members to hear about any proposed single hauler service and give their opinions,” Sikkenga said. “We are working collaboratively with Washtenaw County and other townships to explore the options, and information will flow to the Board of Trustees and the public as we learn more about our options.”

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