Dexter Forum Summary 01-02-21


From John Hansen

One of the most valuable functions of the Dexter Forum is the opportunity to share information. We usually have someone who knows something that the rest of us don't know yet. But not today. There was lots of curiosity about how and when we will be informed about the schedule for getting our covid vaccines. Several people knew of health care workers who have already been vaccinated, and we all seem to know that folks over 75 are high on the list, but nobody actually knows how the notification process will work. We will roll up our sleeves and wait patiently.

Visitors to the new Noble Appliance store all commented on how big the former grocery store looks with all of the shelves and coolers removed. Visitors to the new Dollar store noted that it looks like every other Dollar store.

The $600 stimulus checks are showing up in bank accounts whether you need them or not.

Not everything is cancelled. The Dexter Ice Festival will go on as scheduled beginning on January 23. There will be no ice carving demonstrations and no public ceremony, but the sculptures will be on display until nature reclaims them.

We spent a lot of time reviewing the status of services for senior citizens in our community. At its best, we have one of the most modest senior centers in the area. The center is currently closed, and the staff has been furloughed. But when things improve, we are still back in a facility with a limited lease and no dependable funding stream. Although the center is currently in the City of Dexter, the majority of users live in the townships, so this is not just a Dexter problem but rather a regional one. We have other successful regional services like the schools, the library, and fire and police protection, so we know that something can be created. It all boils down to leadership - maybe you.

The Dexter Forum's next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 16, 2021, at 8:30 AM on Zoom.

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