Dexteropoly is a Bicentennial Homage to Dexter's Rich Heritage and Vibrant Present


Jeff Craig (L) and Beth Chamberlain. Photo by Chuck Colby.

In a tribute to their hometown of Dexter, Beth Chamberlain and Jeff Craig have teamed up to create Dexteropoly, a board game inspired by the iconic Monopoly.

The game showcases the landmarks, history, and charm of Dexter and is a product of both their creativity and their deep roots in the community. The game's release coincides with Dexter’s 2024 bicentennial year.

The idea for Dexteropoly sparked when Beth noticed Jeff's artistic talent. "I was sitting with Jeff, and I looked over, and he was drawing a tractor,” Beth recalls. “I told him, ‘Wow, I had no idea you could draw like this.’"

The realization of Jeff's talent and his family roots in the town's history led to the birth of Dexteropoly. "His grandmother, his grandpa started in the grocery store here, and he's got such a talent that I couldn't forget it," Beth explains.

Jeff, who is responsible for the artistic elements of the game, drew on his lifelong skill and passion for drawing, which began in his childhood. "Ever since I was a little boy, I started out drawing cars, trucks, and tractors, and it's something I've had in me ever since," Jeff explains. His connection to Dexter is evident in the details of his artwork, much of which he drew from memory. "The first thing I did from memory was the gazebo,” he says. “And then I did a tractor and the picture of the Boullion Dealership in the background."

When asked about his favorite illustrations on the board, Jeff's attachment to his work is evident. "I like them all, really. I drew the Dexter Mill from memory and the A&W," he says, reflecting on the satisfaction he gets from his drawings.

The duo also had help from Andy Reiser, who wrote the cards. Nellie Naylor did the trivia on the cover, and Diane Singer helped develop it.

Beyond celebrating local history and talent, Dexteropoly also serves a charitable purpose. Beth explains, "Both of our dads were Grand Knights in the Knights of Columbus. So, we know that the St. Louis Center is near and dear to both of our fathers' hearts. A portion of the proceeds will go there. Another place is The Eye of the Sparrow."

Sales of the board game have gone quickly. The remaining copies can be found at Hackney Hardware, Hearts ‘n Flowers, Tiani Body Care, Dexter Mill, Dexter Print & Embroidery, and Postal + Prints.

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