Dexter Forum Notes 02-20-21


From John Hansen

You need to know this. Ryan Henyard says that if you get an unwanted spam call on your cell phone, you should forward the message to 7726. This goes to your service provider and will help them 'try' to deal with the problem. 7726 is SPAM on your alpha-numeric phone pad.

Another helpful hint from Steve Bemis - check your exhaust pipe if you have a high-efficiency furnace that vents out close to the ground. If it ices over or gets plugged up, there will be a problem.

The senior center needs help with its newsletter and website. Contact the center if this is an area where you can be of service.

We did another informal vaccine survey, and we are seeing more hands raised. Some folks have been traveling 50 miles to pharmacies where they can get appointments. The main problem is still the lack of availability of the vaccine.

The re-districting process for county commissioners will be delayed until the census data is available, projected to be the end of September.

Karen Roberts is our connection for the review of planning and zoning documents currently being undertaken by the city.

All school kids have the option of some in-person instruction as the district cautiously approaches whatever the new normal turns out to be.

Catherine McClary noted that she has been prohibiting Covid based foreclosures of occupied properties from being sure that no one is left out in the cold. She also pointed out that a special fund now covers the B2B trail system for maintenance purposes.

Ham radio operator Steve Bemis cautioned folks who are considering rooftop solar installations to be aware that cheaper systems can generate radio 'hash" that interferes with radio signals. the world turns...the city is looking at the old Hoey lumber yard (aka MedHub facility) down by the railroad tracks as a potential site for city offices.

The Dexter Forum's next meeting will be on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at 8:30 AM on Zoom. Just looking at today's notes tells you that you just never know what is on people's minds until you ask.

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