Dread Strong(er) Powerlifting Sets New School Records


From Charles R. Schultz

On Saturday morning, March 20, the Dexter Powerlifting Team presented a showcase meet to conclude their year with some mighty achievements. The team was in top form. Each of the 34 participants matched or hit their personal best. A number of school new records were also set.

Among the boys, the new records are: 7th
grader Luke Cook (114 weight class) squatted 130 lbs and deadlifted 150; Cole Darby (145 class) squatted 240, benched 155, and deadlifted 365 for a record total of 760; Payton Hendricks (220 class) deadlifted 460; Brayden Visel (242 class) benched 235; Devon Emrick (SHW) squatted 415, deadlifted 445 and achieved a new record total of 1125.

For the girls, new records were achieved by Corine Hader (105 weight class) with squat at 95, bench at 70, and deadlift at 120 for a new total of 295; Anna Gauthier (114 class) with a squat of 115; Dani Schulz (123 class) with a bench of 95; Ella Mitchell (123 class) with a deadlift of 180 and a new total of 385; and Ashley Mazurek (181 class) with squat at 185, bench at 125 and deadlift at 250 for a new total of 560.

Looking at cumulative totals, the three top boys were Devon Emrick (1125 lbs), Carson Connolly, and Payton Henricks; Gerzon Herter achieved the highest Wilks Score at 298.7. The top three girls were Hanna Grube (665 lbs), Ashley Mazurek, and Brenna Cassidy.

Coach Chris Whittaker reports, “The event was a huge hit, special thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible. We hope to have one of these special Showcase meets every year, and include other schools from the MHSPLA in our area.”

Instant Replay of the event can be found at tinyurl.com/IDPLShow21 .

Photo Credit: Elisa Schulz Photography

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