Dexter Forum Summary 05-01-21


From John Hansen

Karen Roberts, our link to the wonderful world of zoning ordinances, talked a little more about form-based zoning. If you would like a little primer on zoning, you can stand on the corner of Grand and Baker and view five different zoning districts.

Zoom users have long noticed that when you raise your electronic Zoom hand, you appear to be a member of the Simpsons family. Ryan demonstrated the new skin tone feature by raising his appropriately hued hand to call our attention to government agencies' increasing use of facial recognition software.

Not everything that happens near our roads is the work of the road commission, but commissioner Fuller has the answers anyway. They are repairing the Mast Road bridge and encourage you to stay away for a while. There will be controlled access to one lane during the three-month process, but it is likely to cause backups during busy times. They are not the reason Miller Road has been closed for so long - something about a gas line - but they do expect the road to reopen by the end of May. They did not take down all the trees on Zeeb between Miller and Peters Roads - that's a Scio Township project to extend the trail system. And they are trying to tap into the big federal infrastructure program to fund a roundabout at the five points intersection of Mast, Huron River Drive, and Joy.

Mark reminded us that the Dexter Farmer's market begins its new season today under the direction of a new director - Samantha. Also, the free bike medic will return next week.

The deal is not done yet, but the city is still in the due diligence phase of offering to purchase the old lumber yard/med hub facility for use as a city hall.

Five folks have applied to fill the vacancy on city council. Two of them are forum regulars - Cole Miller and Sanam Arab. We didn't put them on the stump because we can't vote. Vacancies are filled by council vote after nomination by the mayor.

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, May 15, at 8:30 on Zoom.

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