The Great Dexter Treasure Hunt


By Doug Marrin

“Stay here,” Chris Jones, owner of Dexter Creamery, commanded as he dashed out of the shop to his office upstairs.

I did.

I was finishing up my interview with him on the shop’s fourth anniversary and had asked if he had any new initiatives he’d like to unveil. His face lit up, and out he went.

The shop’s video screen caught my attention as it flickered to life. A PowerPoint presentation appeared. I watched with spiking excitement as the opening bars of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns ‘n Roses played in my mind, or maybe it was Tool’s “Parabola.” Both work. I was blown away. Chris dashed back into the room and slid into his chair, all smiles.

I muttered some drop-jawed expletive and asked, “Are you serious?”

I’ve never seen Chris as excited as when he explained The Great Dexter Treasure Hunt to me.

“My wife, Janine, and I were discussing different ideas we had that could create a positive experience amid the pandemic stress,” explains Chris. “We came up with ‘The Great Dexter Treasure Hunt.’”

Here’s how it works: Each week from June 17 to August 5, Chris and Janine will hide approximately $250 in gold and silver somewhere around Dexter. Clues will be given as to the location. If no one finds the hidden treasure that week, another $250 will be added to it the next week, and so on until it is found.

The clues won’t be easy. Two will be released each week. Each riddle will be based on historical Dexter. So, treasure hunters will have to do some research into Dexter’s past to narrow in on the treasure’s hiding spot.

Clues will be released in-store first. Then, a day or two later, they will be posted on Facebook. Immediately I realize a primary strategy would be to stop into the shop for the latest possible clue before heading out in search of hidden gold and silver.

“We designed the treasure hunt in hopes of providing folks with a fun outdoor event searching for gold and silver in the Dexter area, something families could get excited about doing together,” explains Chris.

“This is awesome!” I told Chris when he finished explaining.

I’m sure you agree. So, dust off your deerstalker hat and magnifying glass for the game is soon afoot!

Stay tuned into the Dexter Creamery website and Facebook page for information leading up to the start of The Great Dexter Treasure Hunt.

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