Local Girl Scouts Take on Construction Project for Wild Cats


By Doug Marrin

If a particular group of 5th-grade Dexter Girl Scouts is any sign of our leadership in years to come, we can rest assured that our future is in good hands.

Thea Jensen, Ellery Geiselman, Cecelia Patierno, Tabitha Lamb, and Rachel Perrine saw a need and stretched themselves into the skills needed to address the issue. As a result, on Thursday, June 3, the troop delivered a cat shelter that they had constructed to the Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV).

Troop Leader Kari Stroschein explains that “as part of their Journey Badge, the girls needed to complete a Take Action Project (TAP). A TAP is a sustainable, long-term project with an ongoing influence that addresses the root cause of an issue.”

Over several meetings, the students strategized on which organization to help and why. Finally, they zeroed in on their love of animals and contacted HSHV to see what they might do. Jessica Hitt of HSHV suggested a cat shelter, and the Girl Scouts went into action.

The group first planned the shelter, after which they created a list of materials needed for construction. The girls then produced a video asking for material donations (shingles, flooring, insulation, bricks, and paint). The public responded, but other materials and items were still needed, such as lumber, hinges, and paintbrushes. So the group organized a bottle/can drive to cover that cost.

With all the materials procured, it was time to build.

“When building the cat shelter, each girl used their skills with a cordless drill, measuring tape, hammer, and painting,” says Kari. “They followed directions on a cat shelter plan provided by HSHV and added their own personal touch by painting flowers onto the outside of the shelter.”

Jessica at HSHV told the troop that the cat shelter would be used for outdoor feral cats. Volunteers care for the shelters and check them daily.

The unspent money from the Girl Scouts’ fundraiser will go to purchasing items from the HSHV Amazon wish list. Anyone who may be interested in helping can find the wish list at https://www.hshv.org/wishlist/

And so, a big shout-out goes to Thea Jensen, Ellery Geiselman, Cecelia Patierno, Tabitha Lamb, and Rachel Perrine for shining brightly to make the world a little better after a challenging year.

All photos by Kari Stroschein

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