Interested in pickleball? Check out Wolverine Pickleball in Scio Township


photo from the Wolverine Pickleball Facebook page

Wolverine Pickleball received an enthusiastic approval from the Scio Township Board on July 13, giving it the green light to officially move forward at its location on Jackson Industrial Drive.

In granting the approval for a conditional use permit for Wolverine Pickleball to operate an indoor recreational facility at 119 Jackson Industrial Drive, the township board expressed a lot of positivity for this newer option in Scio.

Wolverine Pickleball describes the game of pickleball as combining many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.

In describing who they are on their website, Wolverine says: “Wolverine Pickleball welcomes players of all skill levels to join our community of pickleball enthusiasts. We play pickleball, yes, but it’s not just pickleball. Our approach is personal. We make sure that each player is matched to their level of play, that every visitor has a positive experience, that our members are comprised of people who care about everyone having a great time. Whether you are a core player honing your skills, a casual player seeking social play, or a newbie learning the game, you have a home at Wolverine Pickleball.”

Scio Township Board Trustee Jane Vogel said she supports this use and is looking forward to playing.

Fellow board trustee Alec Jerome also said he loves this game and is very supportive.

From a township planning perspective, board trustee Jacqueline Courteau, who is also on the planning commission, said the commission was enthusiastic about this as well and sees it as a great use for the site.

The planning commission gave Wolverine its approval earlier this year.

Wolverine requested a conditional use approval to utilize an existing warehouse structure as an indoor recreation facility located at 119 Jackson Industrial Drive. The site currently maintains a 17,200 square foot warehouse structure and associated site improvements – parking, stormwater detention, and landscaping.

According to township planners, Wolverine describes the use of the indoor facility for four pickleball courts, which would allow 16 players at a time. There will be a space dedicated within the office area to the sale of pickleball items, such as paddles.

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