The Original Cottage Inn - More Than Just a Restaurant


By: Ashlee Root

The Michos family acquired the Original Cottage Inn back in 1961 and their love of food and creating a community around that great food has not faded. The Original Cottage Inn, located on William Street in Ann Arbor, is excited to announce the recent enhancements they made in hopes of creating a space that brings the community together.

As many businesses have struggled with the reduction of traffic during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jim Michos, owner of the Original Cottage Inn, remained optimistic and took the opportunity to improve. “When Covid hit, I made the choice to do everything we did not have time to do before. I remodeled the place with no income and took a risk on myself because I think it is worth it. I think Ann Arbor needs something like this”, Michos shares.

The Original Cottage Inn entrance and interior got a makeover and they added 16 additional taps to their bar area. They additionally made space to house Iorio Gelato, originally a few doors down, within the restaurant. The combination of efforts allows guests to enjoy a truly authentic dessert. Michos noted, “Homemade from scratch, the owner, Nick, goes to Italy to learn how to do it right. Being able to finish a great meal with homemade gelato or homemade macaroons, made the right way, is a really unique experience.”

The addition Michos is most excited about is the comedy stage within the cellar. “I just love comedy and I think it is important to support local comedians and acts”, emphasized Michos. The area has been outfitted with everything to cater to the performer in order to make them feel and sound great. Michos shared, “It feels right. We aren't trying to create something that isn't there.” The first comedy show will take place on Sunday, September 26 and include acts from comedians Bill Bushart, Bret Hayden and Shelly Smith. Cocktail hour will be from 6-7pm and the show from 7-8pm. Tickets are available per table (sits 4 people) at $45 and a 2 drink minimum.

An enjoyable meal is what everyone expects when they go to a restaurant. However, the Original Cottage Inn, will provide their guests with an entertainment experience in addition to an enjoyable meal. You come, you eat, you laugh and you create great memories. As Michos puts it, “If you create a nice experience, people will be excited to bring others back.” The hope through these new improvements is to create a unique space where the community can come and make memories together.

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