How Former Cops Stay Connected


What do you do to process your life after spending a career in law enforcement? How do you keep in touch with other officers, process your experiences and move on with life? For a group of former police officers in Washtenaw County, the answer is simple – you meet up once a month and have lunch.

“It’s just good to see each other," John Campbell said. "I’m sure you’ve had a friend that you don’t see for a while and then you do, and it’s like home week. You talk about just life in general. That is basically what this is."

That is what a group of about a dozen officers did by gathering around a table on the second floor of the Dexter Pub, Thursday. While these former officers do meet with each other regularly, this is done as a chance for former police officers, who have known each other for years and have had much of the same experiences, to catch up and talk about their careers, their present lives, and their futures.

“That camaraderie begins when we’re young because we’re super excited by the job,” Daryl Campbell said. “This is relationship building rather than letting the steam escape. The steam escaped when we walked out of the door.”

The atmosphere in the exposed brick lined dining room was jovial, light hearted and full of memories. The officers who spoke to this newspaper said that they all have a worst day from their careers that they all carry in their minds, but the point isn’t to bring that up.

“Everyone at this table has got a horrible story. Of 800 horrible stories there is one that really bothers you; not that we really talk about it. But I think it’s a camaraderie of people who have walked through your shoes,” John Scafasci said. “Everybody here is a hero.”

While their former careers are now firmly behind them, the officers who protected the community are using these meet ups to stay in touch, process the ups and downs of their law enforcement careers and move on in a healthy way. 

“You miss the camaraderie and the friends, but not the job,” Ed Kovach said.

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