New Postal + Print Store in Dexter Caters to Many Needs


Jordon and Alicia Styrk, owners of Dexter's new Postal + Print

By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Dexter, meet Jordon and Alicia Styrk, the new Postal + Prints store owners in the Busch’s Plaza.

Jordon graduated from Stockbridge HS and Alicia from Pinckney. In 2004, Jordon began his career with the military, which included five years overseas. Back in the states, he worked in federal contracting and with the FAA. After moving around a few years, Jordon and Alicia moved back home.

“We fell in love with Dexter,” says Alicia. “We’ve bought some property out here and want to make this home. Our four-year-old son, Liam, goes to school in Dexter.”

Postal + Print is located in the Busch's Plaza

The move back home inspired their business idea for Postal + Prints.

“We needed a notary on the closing documents, and they had to go out FedEx, so we had to drive to Ann Arbor,” explains Jordon. “We're trying to build our house and needed the blueprints printed, so we had to drive to Brighton. We needed to get them scanned in once we red-lined them for the changes for the contractors and had to go back to Brighton. We just got tired of this.”

At the same time, Alicia noticed, “On social media, people were asking where to take FedEx and packages. The dropbox downtown always seems full, so Jordon worked very hard putting this idea together for Postal + Print.”

“We saw and need and brought the solution,” says Jordan.

Everything you need to package and ship and print

The couple incorporated their LLC last April. Jordon then spent the summer and fall learning the details of the postal and printing trades. Among other things, this involved working with a consultant group, writing a business plan, and getting funding. The result is an independent and veteran-owned postal and print shop conveniently located in Busch’s Plaza. The store opened on November 15.

“It’s definitely had its learning curves, but it’s been a good challenge, a fun challenge,” says Jordon.

Postal + Print offers everything you would expect from a packaging/shipping store and more. The store currently ships with FedEx, DHL, and USPS. They hope to have UPS on board sometime in the spring. All the packaging supplies are in the store. Just bring your stuff in, and the couple will help you get it packaged and sent to where you want it to go.

The mail boxes are legal street addresses unlike standard PO boxes

The mailbox rentals have an advantage over standard post office boxes. The mailboxes in Postal + Print are legal street addresses. Jordon explains that FedEx, DHL, UPS, and Amazon won’t deliver to a PO box. Only USPS mail will get delivered to a PO box.

“With these mailboxes, you can have all couriers deliver to it,” says Jordon. “You’ll get a notice in your box that you have a package that we’re holding for you. It’s a great idea for small businesses or businesses that just need an address in Dexter. You can even incorporate with that address, unlike a PO box.”

“We also have virtual mailboxes where you don’t have to show up,” continues Jordon. “It’s the same concept as the street-legal address, except instead of having a physical box, you get an email with a picture of whatever comes. You tell us to hold it, shred it, open it up and send you the contents, or forward it.”

Bring your favorite photos and customize your wrapping paper to make the gift even more personal

Printing is the other half of the business. A self-serve kiosk allows customers to bring in a thumb drive and customize what they want—flyers, brochures, photos, banners, collages, etc. You can even customize your wrapping paper, just in time for Christmas. Another option is creating a Fathead-type graphic that can stick in place but peel off without leaving a mark. After creating your flyer, Alicia and Jordon can send it out in a direct mailer if you so choose. The couple are working on adding customizable printing of t-shirts and other items to their list of services.

That’s a lot of services packaged under one roof—no more fighting the traffic and lines in the big city to ship your stuff. It’s now as convenient as getting your groceries.

Photos: Doug Marrin

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