Dexter Farmers Market Year in Review


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

We love our locally-sourced fresh food, and the Dexter Farmers Market is a powerful means of getting it onto our plates.

Dexter Farmers Market Manager Samantha Rofloc presented her year-end report to the City Council at its December 13, 2021 meeting.

“The mission of the Dexter Farmers Market is to provide fresh local produce and goods in order to support our local community and boost our economy,” began Rofloc.

Rofloc shared some of the stats for this year’s market:

  • Total Revenue: $4,545
  • Total Attendance: 12,163
  • Average Customer Spending: $20
  • Average Vendor Attendance: 17 (Saturday), 7 (Tuesday)

Through the SNAP and DUFB food assistance programs, the Market helped qualified folks get over $1,178 in local fresh foods.

“The Farmers Market has had a successful season by the numbers,” said Rofloc. “We saw growth in total customer attendance and, very importantly, vendor attendance as well. We had a lot of new vendors come through. So, we were really excited to show what Dexter has to offer.”

This was Samantha’s first year as Manager of the Dexter Farmers Market. A year ago, she and her husband, John, relocated here from Loveland, CO. Samantha managed the farmers market in Loveland before moving to Michigan. This past year has been a rebound year for many things, including farmers markets. Dexter’s came back strong.

“With over 12,000 customers passing through over the season, many of them weekly regulars, Dexter definitely came out to support its local vendors,” said Rofloc.

Looking ahead to the 2022 season, Rofloc plans to recruit unique vendors and products. Her plans also include more special events and collaboration with schools and businesses. She and the City continue to work together to improve the parking for customers and the vendors.

Councilmember Griffin asked Rofloc if there were any practices from the Loveland market that she would like to implement here. Samantha replied by saying she would like to see mead and/or wine added to the offerings. “I want to be unique and bring something new to Dexter that other markets don’t have,” she said.

Rofloc also mentioned that they had an artisans market once a month in Loveland where vendors could display and sell their artwork. She would like to replicate that in Dexter as well.

Samantha summed up the 2021 season, saying, “It has been a year full of un and kindness shown by vendors and customers alike, and I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to continue next year.”

Mayor Keough echoed that sentiment, saying, “Thank you again for your energy and a good year, and we look forward to 2022.”

Image: Samantha Rofloc

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